How to balance your demands on your partner

 How to balance your demands on your partner

How to balance your demands on your partner

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Two days ago, I had an appointment with my junior high school friend at home. After graduation, she went to other places for several years. We never met again. This time, we talked a lot from work to life.

When talking about her feelings, she said that she had been talking with her boyfriend for eight years. Now she is on the verge of marriage. However, her husbands family conditions are so common that her parents cant provide any help.

As a result, buying a house has become a barrier between two people, so they are still in love.

Later, I talked to my mother about it. Who knows, she asked me subconsciously:

Why talk for so long when the conditions are not good?

I solemnly replied that not everyone is like your daughter. Love depends on the conditions.

When two people read together, that is the true love of red fruit, it has nothing to do with material.

When I was young, I didnt think about anything else. I just like it. I simply believe that true love is invincible. I believe that bread and Coke will be available in the future. As long as there is love, its OK.

But older single dogs can hardly get around the reality of various problems, each others family conditions, parents, wages and even job prospects are under consideration.

Even the matchmakers, who are keen on matchmaking, are sure to say whether boys have RV and whether they have local Hukou when they are leading older single women.

That is to say, you have to find someone you love, and then he loves you, and then you two have the right conditions, and then the three views are consistent. Under so many requirements, love is certainly not easy to find.

How do you deal with your partners demands?


I have been saying, little girl, dont watch too much hot chicken idol drama, always want to fly to the branch when Phoenix.

Love, must be equal strength in order to Hello, I good everyone.


Because each other is equal, there will be no one reduced to lick the dog, and unilateral kneeling and licking feelings are often not long-term.

In my circle of friends, there are two pairs of very typical feelings.

One is a combination of a loser and a goddess, who has always regarded the loser as a spare.

When she had a boyfriend before, she didnt avoid suspicion, but the loser man really didnt care whether the goddess had a boyfriend. As long as she needed to, he would show up immediately after a phone call.

In his eyes, as long as I am good to her, one day I can move her.

But what impresses the goddess is that the loser keeps giving, not the loser himself.

So in the empty window period, the goddess once accepted the loser, but to be frank, she was riding a donkey to find a horse.

When she got to know a better man, the goddess kicked the loser without hesitation. She really had no nostalgia.

But the biggest difference between the two is that Jiang Zhishu doesnt like yuan Xiangqin at all, because he really doesnt find any attraction in Yuan Xiangqin.

She is a lovely girl, but she doesnt have any strengths. She has a gentle temper and is very considerate to Jiang Zhishu. She belongs to the type that cant make mistakes.

Moreover, the families on both sides are aristocratic families, which can be regarded as a match for each other, so that the parents of both sides acquiesce in their relationship.

Under such circumstances, it is difficult for Jiang Zhishu to break up with yuan Xiangqin, but his lack of love makes yuan Xiangqin very humble in this relationship.

These two pairs of feelings are simply perfect. The essence of love is appreciation, which is irreplaceable.

That is to say, if you have some outstanding characteristics, your lover will cherish you more, and you will regret to lose an excellent you when you break up.

But this trait must be self-contained, while neither being nice to him or company is.

The lovers around me, who take good care of the other, are in an unequal relationship

Either a high degree, or a high income, or appearance advantage.

Without exception, their excellence can easily get the love and sincerity of others.

But if the relationship is broken, it must be the good side that is easier to pull out, and the weak side is difficult to let go.

Dont always say that love is boring and the other party is boring. Do you know if you are also a boring person in the other partys eyes?

A reader complained to me about a failed relationship.

She was in her early thirties and had a love affair, which was introduced by her friend. Her husbands family conditions were very poor, but she was still good. She was able and willing to fight. She had already bought a car by herself, and the down payment of the house was a little bit good.

But after nearly a year of talking, she felt that it was OK. She wanted to get married, but the man stepped back.

The reader said, Im not talking about emotional failure or anything, but I dont think that since he didnt think about it well, why should he delay my time? I cant afford it.

This girl, who is not a local, came here only in the past two years. Now she lives with her parents and has worked for several years with a little savings.

When I came to a new city, I found a job in a public institution, which was stable, but the salary was not high, and there was not much room for improvement.

Ive said about my age before. Im in my early 30s, and I dont have a very good appearance. Im ordinary.

In fact, I can understand the choice of the man.

Because when girls are investigating each other, they are also being investigated.

The mans own conditions are fair, excellent and progressive, he is looking for a partner is not considered it.

He must also want to find a person who is the icing on the cake with himself. Either he has a good job, or he has a rich family, or he has a local account. At the very least, he can be young and beautiful.

When you choose a mate, you set rules for the other party, because you dont want to suffer losses, but how do you know whether you meet the requirements of the other party.

Love is such a reality, no one is willing to suffer losses, no one can find a cheap.

But reality doesnt mean mistakes. How to achieve harmony with reality is what we should learn.

But when they can afford it, I hope the other half is a person who has the same consumption concept and will not feel that he is a loser.

So life, ah, is all I have that I deserve, including the people I like.

If you are worthy of what you ask of your partner, I would like to:

Love is not a problem for you.

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