Here comes 5g Big Mac! National one network promotes the participation of several A-share companies

 Here comes 5g Big Mac! National one network promotes the participation of several A-share companies

In fact, the plan to establish China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as radio and television shares) has been announced at the beginning of the year. On February 25, 2020, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee issued the No.4 document implementation plan for the integration and development of national cable TV network, proposing that China Radio and television should take the lead in the form of administrative driving force and marketization, cooperate with provincial network companies and strategic investors to jointly establish China radio and television network stock company for state grid integration. At the same time, establish 5g network with radio and television characteristics to realize the integrated development of national one network and 5g. Ensure that the provincial grid company will enter the joint-stock company at the end of the 13th five year plan, and at the same time, it is required to complete the integration of one province, one network.

On June 5, the office of the leading group of national cable TV network integration held a work promotion meeting, deployed the promoters and related work of the national one network joint stock company, and finalized the key time point of national one network Integration: on June 30, each province confirmed the sponsors, signed the sponsor agreement, and completed the listing of China Radio and Television Corporation; on December 30, all sponsors completed the asset note Go to work.

2019 is the first year of 5g in China. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the first batch of 5g licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Radio and television on June 6, 2019, which means that they will be the four major contractors in charge of 5g construction in China. For a long time, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, as the representatives of telecom operators, are one of the main driving forces to promote the development of Chinas 5g industry. The establishment of the fourth large-scale domestic operators Radio and television network means that the 5g industry will get faster promotion speed and coverage area.

To issue 5g license to Chinas Radio and television industry, the National Radio and television industry will take advantage of this opportunity to build a modern communication network with a high starting point. This network is different from the other three operators, and is closer to the city scene and family life. China Mobile and China Radio and television announced that they would jointly build and share a 700MHz 5g wireless network at a ratio of 1:1, so as to promote the construction of 5g network.

Different from the three traditional operators, China Radio and television has its own unique features. On the one hand, the original radio and television coverage of almost 100% of the basic system, on the other hand, radio and television has a good content background, behind the support is the television station, the content supply is relatively perfect, and there is a set of professional personnel system. Therefore, the integrated development of radio and television and 5g is a strategic cooperation with network resources, content resources and human resources.

Industry insiders believe that 5g has 700m golden band. With the promotion of national one network, 5g network with the widest coverage can be built with little cost, and there is a chance to gain its own market share in competition with the other three operators.

China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. is a central cultural enterprise invested by the central government and officially established on May 28, 2014 with a registered capital of 5.080.4 billion yuan, which is established and managed by SARFT. Its business covers television, voice, Internet, smart home, smart city, etc.

Industry insiders believe that, in addition to being controlled by China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., China Mobile, Alibaba and other giants are expected to invest in shares through mixed reform strategy, and provincial radio and television companies will replace certain shares through equity or cash.

As a network provider covering the whole country, Chinas Radio and television networks have been independent for a long time, which makes the overall force of radio and television to promote 5g construction more scattered. This national one network integration is expected to solve the stubborn problem of power dispersion. And in May 28th, the listed companies of the broadcasting and television departments such as Ge Hua cable and Oriental Pearl TV Group announced the participation in the formation of China Radio and television Network Inc. This means that the 5G promotion work will enter an accelerated period.

Gehua cable released a notice saying that Gehua media group, the holding shareholder of the company, and Gehua media group, the indirect controlling shareholder, signed the agreement on investment intention with China Radio and television. The investment and development center of Beiguang Media Co., Ltd. jointly issued and established the radio and television shares with its 266 million shares of Gehua cable. If the implementation of this investment is completed, the controlling shareholder of Gehua cable will be changed from Beiguang media investment and development center to radio and television shares, and the actual controller will be changed from Beijing Radio and television station to the State Council.

The secondary market has responded early

China Radio and television 5g construction has made significant progress, including 700MHz band officially becoming the global 5g international standard, China Mobile and China Radio and television announced to jointly build and share 700MHz 5g wireless network at a ratio of 1:1, which will greatly accelerate the construction of 5g radio and television.

The successful registration of radio and television shares has also stimulated the A-share radio and television system plate. On August 7, the late trading of radio and television plate was pulled up. The radio and television network once hit the limit, rising by 6.58%. Gehua cable was up by more than 7%. Guiguang network, Hubei Radio and television, Jiangsu cable, etc. followed.

The integration of national one network is not only a conceptual stimulus, but may bring real revenue and performance. The net profit of the parent company decreased by RMB 502.86 billion, and the net income of the parent company decreased by RMB 502.86 billion. Radio and television 5g is very important to the radio and television system. It can be said that it is a life-saving straw of the radio and Television Department. If a competitive 5g ecosystem can be built, the radio and television company will also open up a huge space for rise, which is expected to achieve counter attack.

From the disclosure of the interim report, although the performance of most radio and television stocks has declined, but the decline has begun to slow down, a few have turned to high growth. For example, Tianwei videos performance decreased by 7.53% in the first half of the year, a sharp drop of 32.21% compared with that in the first quarter. The overall decline in the first half of the year returned to single digits, indicating that the companys business has basically returned to the right track. (Wang Linpeng, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368