The ending of thirty: no matter how much I like it, I can only stop here

 The ending of thirty: no matter how much I like it, I can only stop here

Xu Huashan explained a lot, but Gu Jia only said one thing:

Im not angry about this, but you lied to me.

Girls trust in their beloved men is reduced.

Full score 100 points, cheat her once, reduce 100 points, trust clear.

Let you say more pleasant words and do more warm things in the future;

Even if two people have forgotten, what was the first thing to cheat.

But she will always remember clearly: this man cheated me.

The blacklist of children is blacklisted in wechat. If it is blacklisted, it can be cancelled again;

The blacklist of adults is in the heart, once disappointed, there will never be intersection.

There is a word called natural subtraction, which can also be used to describe the relationship between lovers.

After all, all the departures are made up of the constant superposition of death.

There is a problem with Zhihu

Gao Zans reply was: I really want to ask him why he didnt reply to my wechat.

But we are not lovers. We are not qualified to question each other.

Thats why Im looking forward to the second return, the preferred sense of security.

European Commission President Jean Claude Junckers cell phone rang three times during the meeting.

On such a solemn occasion, he took it immediately and whispered a few words before hanging up.

Then he was embarrassed and said, its my wife calling..

If a man has no time, it is because he does not want to have time;

If there are too many excuses for you, its because he doesnt want to care about you.

If a girl from twitter, become silent;

Everyone has a forest of their own;

Those who are lost are lost, and those who meet will meet again.

And those who care about you, even if they are lost;

It will also take 200% of the energy to find you.

Li Ronghao and Cheng Lin Yang fall in love and send birthday wishes at 0:00 every year for 5 years;

In the concert, he kisses her left face and shows his love generously;

Girls who say they dont want to fall in love are all because they dont meet people who care about Grade 10.

Oral good morning, good night, drink hot water, who will say;

What girls expect more is:

In the age when you can order takeout with your finger, who will make a dinner for her.

What is more hurtful than the time of the quarrel?

Some time ago, I had dinner with my friend, and he was watching his mobile phone all the time.

Asked what he was up to, he said sheepishly:

Wechat let girlfriend pull black, is coax.

QQ, Alipay, micro-blog, NetEase cloud, mailbox, or even nail...

In a word, it is:

If she cries, I dont coax her, Im afraid she thinks I dont love her.

Just like in predecessor 3, if Meng Yun can stop Lin Jia when she is packing her bags;

Call her when you want to contact her countless times;

Can put down the so-called self-esteem, take a soft, say a word can not do without her.

They may not be separated, and the end will not be like this.

Many boys still dont understand, no girl is willing to get angry and quarrel;

It is just because of the unresolved contradictions, perfunctory and cold war;

It makes them sensitive and vulnerable.

There is a film called love saint, which ends with:

You can be confused, but remember to go home;

Its too late to think about the family.

I dont like this argument very much, because the reality is:

No one will hold a true heart to you in vain.

The consequence of a deception is endless lies;

Once exposed, the consequence is never to go back.

There is a line in oneday

You still let me heart, but I have no strength to embrace you;

I miss our beautiful past, but no longer look forward to the future.

To talk about the reason why two people are separated:

Maybe it was the appointment, but you didnt come;

Maybe it was when I needed you that time that you werent there;

Maybe its the expectation and disappointment;

Maybe there is no intersection direction in the future of two people.

There is no need for specific reasons for the severance between adults;

Even if there is, its just the result that the heart has left, and the excuse made up afterwards.

How can adults avoid going to the day of death?

Chen Ming put forward a point of view in the wonderful flowers: the rule is prepositive.

Its two people before they get married;

Both sides make some rules and abide by them together;

Its not about waiting until you get married to fight and argue whos right and whos wrong.

Even if there is no perfect match in the world, I hope we can make it right.

Instead of consuming love for each other in all kinds of dead heart moments.

Let the little rules restrain and protect this feeling

Dont say goodbye casually;

No one is allowed to ignore anyone after a quarrel;

Remind each other before big and small festivals;

Dont lie to me, dont lie to me, dont lie to me

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There is nothing worth letting two people who love each other apart.