Zhang Yuhuan was acquitted and his ex-wife song Xiaonvs light in the eyes made her cry

 Zhang Yuhuan was acquitted and his ex-wife song Xiaonvs light in the eyes made her cry

Since he lost his freedom on October 27, 1993, he has been detained for 9778 days for nearly 27 years, which is the longest time of being detained in public reports.

In 1993, two boys were killed in Zhangjia village, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

Under the unremitting appeals of Zhang Yuhuans elder brother, ex-wife, lawyer and others, Jiangxi high court tried Zhang Yuhuans intentional homicide case again, and declared Zhang Yuhuan innocent and released with unclear facts and insufficient evidence in the original trial.

At that time, she left her two young sons to her mother-in-law and her father respectively. While working, she continued to complain and petition for her husband. Later, he was found to have cancer. In order not to drag down his family, he had no choice but to remarry, so that he was able to raise his two sons.

In these 26 years, the belief that Zhang Yuhuan is innocent has become the belief that supports her hard life.

In an interview with the media, song xiaonu said:

He still owes me a hug. Ive thought about it for many years. I must let him carry me around

There was light in her eyes when she said that.

After 26 years of suffering, song xiaonu still has love in her heart and light in her eyes, just because she wears a thick armor of love.


Im in my house,

Its just that Im spoiled too much.

Song xiaonu is the seventh in her mothers family. She suffered from heart disease and nephritis since she was a child. She was predicted by doctors that she could not marry when she was an adult and would be in danger at any time.

Therefore, her parents love her very much and do not let her do any housework.

After the age of 14, song Xiaonv miraculously recovered from her illness and was able to get married and have a family.

Because she couldnt do housework, her mother was afraid that she would be bullied by her husbands family, so she only asked the boy to be obedient, honest, tolerant and not far away from her mothers home.

He chose a lot of choices and took a fancy to the honest Zhang Yuhuan.

Song xiaonus face is filled with the happiness of being loved and cared for when she recalls the past when her mother finds her a mate.

On the third day after marriage, the button of song Xiaonvs bridal dress fell off, but she couldnt sew it. Zhang Yuhuan said to his parents in law, Maam, she cant sew a button when she drops a button..

Song xiaonus father immediately said, my little girl cant sew. Take it and Ill sew it..

Zhang Yuhuan thought his father-in-law was dissatisfied with him. Unexpectedly, his father-in-law explained that when the little girl was at home, everyone spoiled her and didnt want to let her do this, so she would not.

Zhang Yuhuan immediately said, Ill go to sew after I go home..

There are four sons-in-law in the Song family. Song xiaonu asks her mother why she likes Zhang Yuhuan best. Mother said, I like him, he likes you.

Its song Mingzhus parents.

Each child has an emotional sink, said Nicky and Sheila, a global parenting expert. When he is loved, the emotional sink is full, the childs behavior and temperament are relatively good, can establish close relations with others, can face peer pressure, have courage and self-confidence, and be different from others.

Songs courage comes from the care and love her parents give her.


Zhang Yuhuan is really nice to me

After marriage, Zhang Yuhuan became a favorite wife maniac.

He did all the cooking and sweeping; when he was doing farm work, he went to the ground alone, and song xiaonu just sat by the field and looked at it; he bought his wifes clothes and shoes; he worked as a carpenter outside, and washed all his clothes and sewed them when they were broken.

They were actually very poor. Every time they bought pork, he cooked them all for his wife and children, but he was reluctant to take a bite. He always said that he had already eaten it in someone elses house.

Fortunately, song xiaonu not only gained favor from the original family, but also gained warmth in the newborn family.

God with such a thick love, for her to prepare a armor, let her have the courage to face the sudden disaster.

Also because of this deep feeling, when Zhang Yuhuan told her that she was wronged, she completely believed him.

She firmly believes that her husband is innocent, and it is her unshirkable responsibility to appeal for him.


I will go with you,

I wont let you go alone.

She couldnt imagine the two children losing their mother after their fathers long absence, so they only went to the hospital for anti-inflammatory treatment.

After Zhang Yuhuan was jailed, in order to raise her two sons, song xiaonu, who was not good at housework, took up the responsibility of working for her mother.

The mother-in-law took her eldest son at home, while the youngest son was fostered with her father.

In 1998, song xiaonus father passed away, and the youngest son he had with him could only be brought by her mother-in-law. However, an old man with two children is really unable to do his best, and the children are often in a dangerous situation.

In 1999, song Xiaonvs condition worsened, so she and Zhang Yuhuan signed a divorce agreement. Later, he met his current husband Wu Guosheng.

This is also a man with love and righteousness.

His former wife had leukemia. Wu sold the cattle and borrowed some from others. He collected 4000 yuan to treat his wife. 4000 yuan, which was a huge sum of money in the countryside at that time.

The doctor told him that the disease could not be cured, and it would be a waste to spend any more money.

Before remarriage with Wu Guosheng, song xiaonu proposed three conditions to him

First, she has feelings with Zhang Yuhuan. No matter when I go to see Zhang Yuhuan, he cant stop him.

Secondly, her children are very poor, and I hope he will treat them better.

Third, she went to see her mother-in-law. He could not go, but he could not stop her.

He agreed to all three conditions.

So song xiaonu married herself.

In 2011, song xiaonu was found to have ovarian cancer again. Wu Guosheng borrowed money from all over the place to treat her, helping her through the dangerous period.

The fate is cruel to song xiaonu, but at the same time, she is spared, so that she meets a lover who can support each other in the most difficult time.


I will take my two sons

Two daughters in law, three grandchildren

Give it to Zhang Yuhuan

Song xiaonu is unfortunate, but at the same time she is lucky.

She got the favor of her parents and was taken care of by Zhang Yuhuan. Later, she met her remarried husband.

These love nourish her heart and make her strong and tough. No matter how hard life is, she does not give up her responsibility and love.

After Zhang Yuhuan was detained, she and her son were bullied by others with the name of murderers family.

She said that she tried to live like a person in front of people, but not even dogs after people.

When a dog is injured, its owner helps it heal, and they have to bear it alone.

However, no matter how painful she was, every time she went to visit the prison, she would comfort Zhang Yuhuan, saying that the three of them were very good, so that he would not worry.

In those years, in order to make a living, she washed dishes and sold vegetables.

With some money in her hand and her travel expenses, she continued to appeal and petition for Zhang Yuhuan. In Jiangxi Province, the public security department, the letters and Calls Office, the political and Legal Commission, and the high court of Jiangxi Province, song xiaonu went all over the place.

Even after she got married again, she never gave up this insistence, continued to run around for Zhang Yuhuan, and did her best to take care of his mother.

These years away from home, song xiaonu sent her mother-in-law a picture of her, her two sons and Wu Guoshengs son

After getting the news of Zhang Yuhuans acquittal, she carefully prepared towels, toothpaste, toothbrush and slippers for him, looking forward to the day of reunion.

But because she was too emotional, on the first day of Zhang Yuhuans return home, she fainted in front of the door with high blood pressure and was carried to the ambulance.

In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan was jailed, leaving her two young sons, a three-year-old and a four-year-old.

Twenty six years later, she gave him eight complete families: two sons, two daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one granddaughter.

Along the way, its hard for ordinary people to imagine.

And all she wanted was a long lost hug, even though it couldnt be fulfilled.

Zhang Yuhuan in prison days, she was wronged, every time to visit prison, want him to hug. However, the iron window separated, two people can not embrace.

Now, the person is in front of her, and finally can hold her, but, he said, he was worried that she would be emotional and sent to the hospital, so he tried not to hold her.

There was another reason that he did not say, and she knew in her heart that she was someone elses wife many years later.

Zhang Yuhuan has returned and song xiaonu is leaving.

She said:

This time I go back, I will slowly put it down and cherish my husband. My husband has suffered a lot for me I will love him wholeheartedly, and I will slowly and slowly put down Zhang Yuhuan...

May there be no innocent person like Zhang Yuhuan,

May the world treat song xiaonu as a lovely and respectable woman from now on.