This weeks lifting peak continued: 37 companies market value exceeded 50 billion

 This weeks lifting peak continued: 37 companies market value exceeded 50 billion

On August 12, 207 million shares of microchip will be issued, and the original shareholders restricted shares will be released from the stock market, with a corresponding market value of 13.365 billion yuan.

Microchip bio was listed on August 9, 2019. Of the 207 million shares in circulation this time, including 5 million strategic placement shares and 202 million non strategic placement shares, which are held by 21 shareholders. There is a total of one strategic placing shareholder with full name of Anxin securities micro core bio executives participating in the strategic placement collective asset management plan of sci tech Innovation Board.

The strategic placement asset management plan of the science and technology innovation board participated by employees is known as one of the highlights of the system design of the science and technology innovation board. According to Article 19 of the implementation measures for the issuance and underwriting of shares on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the senior managers and core employees of the issuer may establish a special asset management plan to participate in the strategic placement of the offering. The number of shares allocated to the special asset management plan shall not exceed 10% of the initial public offering, and the holding period of the shares allocated this time shall not be less than 12 months.

The main products of microchip biology are new molecular entities and original new drugs with novel action mechanism, which are discovered and developed independently, including three major therapeutic fields of tumor, metabolic disease and immune disease. The issue price was 20.43 yuan per share, which closed at 64.45 yuan per share on August 7, and no dividend was transferred after listing. The stock price of the company increased by 215.67% in one year of listing, and the corresponding market value of 5 million strategic allotment shares held by senior executives reached 322 million yuan.

Crystal morning shares belong to the recent hot semiconductor sector, but its performance in recent two periods is not suck. In 2019, the company realized a net profit of 158 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 44.06%. The loss in the first quarter of this year was 39.29 million yuan. At the same time, in the first quarter report, it is estimated that the accumulated net profit from January to June 2020 may decline significantly compared with the same period of last year.

At present, the stock price of Jingchen stock is 52.20 yuan per share, 35.58% higher than the issue price of 38.5 yuan per share. Its rise is weaker than many science and technology innovation board stocks, but also brought a lot of profits to the original shareholders.

As there are many semiconductor, biotechnology and other stocks related to the new economy and new industries in the science and technology innovation board, it is bound to remain the focus of market attention. However, from the perspective of market trend, companies with superior performance and good financial indicators are bound to have more safety cushion, and the impact of negative factors such as the lifting of restricted shares is relatively small.

In addition, there are more pressure to lift the ban this week, such as berry gene and HEC resources, whose market value exceeds 3 billion yuan, and they are all restricted shares with fixed increase.

On August 11, the company will release 75.4162 million shares of restricted shares, corresponding to a market value of 5.835 billion yuan.

On August 10, the restrictions on sales of 225 million shares of HEC resources will be lifted soon. The 225 million shares were held by three shareholders, namely Hegang Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin products import and export trade Co., Ltd. and Zhongjia yuanneng technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The three companies participated in the fixed increase of HEC resources three years ago, and the issue price per share was 12.39 yuan. After that, in 2018 and 2019, 10 dividends of 0.1 yuan (including tax) and 10 dividends of 1.0 yuan (including tax) were implemented, and the cost of the three companies was reduced to 12.28 yuan per share. Based on the latest closing price of Hegang resources of 14.82 yuan per share, the three-year return is 20.68%.