Xiong Ling: small is big, thin is thick

 Xiong Ling: small is big, thin is thick

Im not rich, Im not a philosopher. As an ordinary psychological counselor, I am more aware and more happy. Recently, many friends said that I was very upset. I was also upset because my daughter wanted to quit her job as soon as she started to work. I comforted others and myself that it was all caused by the heat and heat. At this time, curiosity, let me notice what is bothering me. A piece of thin paper can pierce the skin, like the punishment of my impetuous, bleeding wound, like the release of manic depression. I thought like this, feeling a kind of unexpected joy.

Perhaps out of professional habits, this small trauma has evoked my symbolic thinking. I also understand that the impetuosity of recent days is not just anxiety about my daughter, but also my anxiety reaction of lack of security. Her daughter has been working for less than a month, showing a lot of negative emotions and threatening to resign. In the eyes of ordinary people, her working environment is very enviable, I certainly hope that she can cherish and adhere to. What makes me anxious is her psychological quality. I cant stand a bit of boredom and grievance. If I dont change my attitude towards work, I wont be in a good mood even if I find a new way out. I was patient with worry and dissatisfaction, seemed very free and easy to exchange views with her, she seemed to understand and accept the appearance. But I always feel depressed and cant rest assured of her. Last night, I sighed to her that the state of your work always makes me anxious and worried. After that, I felt subconsciously using my weakness to stimulate her guilt, so that she could stick to her work. Unexpectedly, her daughter quietly threw a sentence: its natural that work has pain. Looking for a job is my own business. What do you suffer from? Dont worry about it.. All of a sudden, I felt like my daughter was growing up and I was retreating.

Looking at the small wound of my finger, I feel the stimulation. The wound seems to be saying: I am a masterpiece of paper, although it is only a thin paper that can be written, it still has attack energy; appreciating the blood coming out of the wound, I feel warm and the blood flow is telling: I am the collision of small pieces of paper, regardless of its weakness, it has tenacious vitality like grass. Im awake, man. Dont be conceited.

I am because of my daughters impatience, but from her words, I heard the voice of my weak self in my heart: I am not confident that I will bear some kind of pain. I always worry about my daughters suffering, as if I must suffer when she is suffering. I always fantasize that she is very sensible and strong. If she doesnt suffer, I wont worry. I know that fantasy has no pain. It is a delusion of pursuing perfection. I can not bear the suffering of others. It is the projection of my own lack of tolerance. I appreciate the idea of its normal and natural for people to have pain, but I didnt know what I thought I understood until I heard my daughter say it.

I thought that I didnt know her when I knew her. I thought I didnt know myself.

Sometimes people really dont know what they are bothering and what they are doing. I saw a lot of tireless counselors, constantly rushing to various psychological training sites, but also shuttling through the family, kitchen, gym, club, work unit, I asked them where they came from? What is psychology for? Some people say, in fact, they are also at a loss. They dont know why they are busy.

Back to the psychological story of thin silver, there are n explanations for the worries of the rich man. Maybe his career is not going well, maybe he has encountered emotional problems, maybe he doesnt know what can really give him happiness, or he only finds his spiritual poverty after making enough money, and so on.

The moral of the story is profound and broad. You can regard the thin silver as mindfulness, silver means being clear and rich. The intended person needs to reflect at any time to keep sober and clear, so as not to be blinded by delusions and not to project their own things to others at will. A sober person is not anxious because he is worried about what others think of him. He knows what he wants and what to do, and he is free to do what he can. Its real wealth.

Thin means easy or weak or unimportant, the intention is soft is hard, weak is strong, not eye-catching is dazzling. Only based on the present, can one have a sense of steadiness. Only by accepting the ordinary, can one not be irritated by perfection.

We can also regard that layer of thin silver as the delusion of shadow. Silver is desire, symbolizing material desire and selfishness. If people persist in desire, it is called greed. Thin is broken, symbolizing destruction and carelessness. The intended person will be devoured by one of his desires if he is not careful. Peoples shadow (shadow) is actually a thin layer, but people always turn a blind eye to it and are always blinded by it. For a long time, it will become like a thick wall, so that people can no longer see the world, can not see themselves through the outside world.

We often only know the importance of learning, do not know how to learn is more important;

We think that we should have a car, a villa, a company and a lot of money to be successful in this life, but we ignore how clear and clear we feel in the process of life;

We always want to save others or educate others, but neglect to know ourselves and save ourselves

Some people say, life is so tired! Thats because were always in a hurry to feel it.

When you feel bipolar, it reminds you that you need to slow down, listen to your inner voice, feel yourself, know who you are and what you need to do?

I will remember that a little bit of awareness is a big lesson for peoples soul. A thin trace of feeling is a heavy gift of life.