Whether you love to quarrel or not

 Whether you love to quarrel or not

Finally, Xu Zongyi pushed Mo ran to the wall. Mo ran threw all the keys on the ground, grabbed his coat and mobile phone and slammed the door.

Never come back when you are gone!

Quarrel is a way of communication, and also the running in of the relationship between two people, but it should not become a sharp weapon to hurt each other.


Dont call me to say this, I said its really irritating, but people are not sages, who can be faultless ah, you have a good talk to let him admit a mistake, and when you dont quarrel, he is not nice to you, not to break up.

Mo ran said that he was really nice to me, but only at ordinary times. Whenever there is a conflict, he will never say soft words. When two peoples love is in trouble, how long can it last if only one woman keeps her head down?

Today is even more excessive. Im next to him. He has to find someone to chat with. When they quarreled, they started to fight me.

Its not married yet. Ill get married later.

Even if I dont investigate his chatting with others, he can let me run to the street alone at about 11 oclock in the evening. If you are angry, will you dare to marry me?

Mo Rans thing reminds me of a sentence: to see how much a person loves you is not how good he is to you, but how he treats you when he quarrels.


I think of a question I saw in Zhihu before: what sweet and fried stories have you seen?

No one wants to quarrel. But it wasnt long before the girl received a wechat from the boy, which said: the first item plus the last item, multiplied by the number of items, and then divided by two.

The boy replied with only two words: sum.

My God, I have almost seen the boys nervous appearance. The careful thinking in love is really lovely. Because I care enough, I will try my best to get close to him and try my best to be nice to each other.

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

Happiness is repetition.

Every day, I talk with my favorite people, talk on the phone, travel, repeat a promise and dream, listen to him mention his childhood for the 28th time, celebrate his birthday on the same day every year, and spend with him every Valentines day, Christmas day and new years Eve.

In this world, there are few love without quarrel, but there must be love without quarrel.

All the quarrelling love is not due to the other partys lack of skills and words, but he is willing to choose to lose in order to let you win.

Remember watching the movie Da Nei spy zero hair, I was inexplicably a plot in the poke.

Zhou Xingchi and Carina Lau play husband and wife, always because of trivial things quarrel, but every time, Carina Lau will smile and ask Zhou Xingchi: husband, are you hungry, can I cook a bowl of noodles for you?

This plain but warm to the bone words, can instantly dispel all the quarrel when the anger.

Love is not great, the real unforgettable is, even if the fog is heavy, but still want to break the clouds to see the sun to love you.

Even if each others face flushed when quarreling, but still wont forget to bring back your favorite food for you after stepping out of the door.


Once a roommate was ill and his boyfriend accompanied him to the hospital. He quarreled in the hall because of a small matter. The boyfriend was angry and left. The roommate didnt bring any money with him. He was cold at the door of the hospital.

The roommate said that the quarrel was just because she dragged her boyfriend to accompany her to see a doctor, who was playing hot games and reluctantly came. Then all the way nagging, plus her own discomfort, mood is not good, and then quarrel. I didnt expect that her boyfriend really left her, regardless of her illness, whether she had money or not.

In such a fast-food and crowded era, the freshness and enthusiasm disappear quickly. Many people think they will remember the things for a lifetime and forget them when they walk. People around me come and go, the dishes on the table change again and again, the wine in the glass is empty and full, what else will not change.

Therefore, if you really love each other, you should leave behind those so-called self-esteem and think more about each others good when quarreling. Dont use quarrel to hurt the one you love. Dont let the one who can stay with a hug and a sincere attitude leave you far away.

I hope everyone can find the one who holds you tight even if you quarrel.