Should variety show be cautious? Zhao Liying was tucking away the vegetable pot, and Yang Di was questioned not to make complaints about hard candy girls.

 Should variety show be cautious? Zhao Liying was tucking away the vegetable pot, and Yang Di was questioned not to make complaints about hard candy girls.


Lets talk about the lovely Zhao Liying. Im looking forward to her and Wang Yibos you Fei. After Zhao Liying gave birth to her baby, her whole state changed. The appearance is still so good-looking, but more feminine. In the Chinese restaurant, its painful to see her anxiety. Do you want to drink Chinese medicine? Just think of her as conditioning, not treating. However, this pickle pot has become her trough. Its been sprayed on the Internet. Theres almost everything. Some people even take out the tutor to say things, which reminds me of Jin Zixun

I only saw the scene of them sitting together for dinner, and I did see Zhao Liying picking and pulling with chopsticks. But how could I see her own bowl? Chef Zhang Liang came out to speak first

All of us have been working hard and under pressure these 21 days. We help each other and have fun together. Of course, food is indispensable. Some of the dishes are cut too small by our kitchen, and some big ones are eaten first by some of our elders. The containers are very deep, and the dishes are really delicious, so we dont want to waste them! But the ladies of our staff meal are much more elegant than those of us.

Only in this way can we finish the food at the bottom of the dish. Cant it be wasted? Then, the store manager Huang Xiaoming came out to speak

Zhang Liang and Huang Xiaoming should be the most aware of the situation at that time. They said that, we should understand and accept it.


OK, lets talk about Yang Di. I see some of the variety shows he hosts occasionally. But, his control ability is really good. Moreover, for the guests present. However, some netizens pointed out that he had no respect for girls in youth circle travel. Yang Di asked the girls in short skirts to imitate the floor movements of toad jumping and crotch pushing. If you just see this statement, you will think that Yang Di is too much. But this is not the case. Yang Di and fan Chengcheng are the real imitators of toad jumping and lying on the ground. How about the whole program? Its clear from the beginning to the end.


Yang Di asked in an article whether he could not only send this kind of cut to bring rhythm. He said that in the program, he took care of his sisters very much. The purpose of the game was to make difficult moves to embarrass the other party, but there was absolutely no nausea. Part of the content was outstanding and was edited. He also said that for the attack on mother in the negative comments, I must fight with you to the end.

Hard candy girl official Bo spoke for Yang Di: he said that Digo took care of his sisters in the program, and the whole recording process was very happy.

Jia Ling also tweeted: I remember you were the only one who didnt call their sisters wrong that day.


Now to explain with a misunderstanding, it is really too hurt. Zhao Liying, Yang Di, who will be next? Ah