Military industry stock hegemony occupies half of the 20 bull stocks, NMN concept to be extinguished?

 Military industry stock hegemony occupies half of the 20 bull stocks, NMN concept to be extinguished?

Among them, Guangqi Technology (002625. SZ) has gone out of the market of 9 boards in 10 days; Beidou Xingtong (002151. SZ) has 7 boards in 8 days; precision information (300099. SZ) has 5 boards.

The disclosure period of the interim report is coming, and many companies have released the semi annual performance forecast of 2020. Zhongtai Securities believes that the overall improvement trend of the military industry fundamentals, is expected to continue to warm up in the future. At the growth level, it focuses on the market prospects of aviation, national defense informatization and new materials. At the reform level, it focuses on the asset injection and mixed reform of aviation and electric technology.

NMN concept shares after the storm stalled?

Since the beginning of this year, the biomedical plate is in a strong momentum, among which the concept of vaccine is strongly leading the rise. The wind vaccine index rose 172% this year. However, this week, the Chonggao fell by 0.34%. Kanghua biological (300841. SZ), Ruipu Biology (300119. SZ), Zhifei Biology (300122. SZ) all fell by more than 13% this week. Among them, Ruipu biology announced recently that some directors, supervisors and senior executives plan to reduce their holdings of 4040000 shares, accounting for about 1% of the companys shares.

In addition to the concept of vaccine, there is also the concept of NMN, a black horse in the A-share market - wanghong longevity miracle drug. A wave of concept stocks represented by jindawei (002626. SZ) have been closed and suspended one after another. Before that, jindawei had 8 trading limits in 11 days. The concept plate has fallen in the near future, Asia Pacific industry (000691. SZ), Kingway and other weekly declines are more than 10%.

The recent reduction of shareholders holdings has also attracted the markets attention. In addition to the above-mentioned rip bio, Guofa shares (600538. SH), berry gene (000710. SZ), Meikang Biology (300439. SZ) and other recent shareholder reduction behavior.