Dong Youlin has a wonderful figure! The body fat rate is less than 6percent. The eight abdominal muscles are very strong, and the clothing is also very good

 Dong Youlin has a wonderful figure! The body fat rate is less than 6percent. The eight abdominal muscles are very strong, and the clothing is also very good

For the post-95 star artists, few have such a figure as Dong Youlin, which also reflects the pay behind him. After all, the proportion of the whole body is always inconsistent due to the thin muscles.

Wearing a tight white T-shirt, you can see the perfect body shape of inverted triangle. When you lift your clothes, you can see the strong abdominal muscles. This figure looks very hard, and you can also see the perfect pectoralis, deltoid and trapezius muscles. Therefore, Dong Youlin, who wears a tight T-shirt, can reveal his body material.

Take off the T-shirt, you can clearly see the muscle lines of each part of the body. The muscles of each part of the body are very symmetrical, which is the difference between thin and thin. Dong Youlin can see the traces of training on his body. In addition, he also loves sports, so it is easier to shape a more perfect figure in fitness.

The delicate face and 8 pieces of abdominal muscles perfectly interpret the style of a handsome man. The muscles make Dong Youlins body stronger, which is also different from other small fresh meat. Most of the time, when a man has a strong body, his temperament and charm will be greatly improved.

With a perfect body shape, it is naturally a good hanger. It is said that the figure of wearing thin clothes and taking off clothes has flesh is the most popular. Dong Youlin can deduce it very well. Whether it is a fashion blockbuster or a daily leisure style, he can create different charm styles.

In collocation modeling, Dong Youlins style is also very fashionable atmosphere, can wear some simple pieces out of fashion. Even if he stands on the stage, the shape is also very low-key, through the combination of his clean and handsome temperament to create a fashionable style.

The light tone piece matches Dong Youlins temperament very well. It gives people a sense of fresh atmosphere and easily shows the charm of a sunny man. The light green tone is very elegant, and the shape also creates a elegant atmosphere.

Generally, the light yellow piece is not easy to match, but for the partner with white and tender skin, you can try boldly, and the shape created will be very eye-catching. In Dong Youlins modeling, the style of the T-shirt is very characteristic. The design of the two pieces of fake stitching is very unique. With a pair of white jeans, the color of the shape is very integrated, which can easily control the individual items.

Dong Youlin, who has beauty and figure, is not too self indulgent in collocation. He is relatively concise in the style and color selection of single items, but he can also show the charm of fashion, which is also the feature of his modeling.

The jeans with holes make the street fashionable and personalized. The slim jeans and leather boots match perfectly, so that they will not appear short legs when matching with basketball clothes. The color matching and white T inside also have a sense of hierarchy, and the shape has a sense of youth.

With a pair of baggy white T-shirts and a metal necklace, the jeans are full of hip-hop style. This shape also shows that Dong Youlins perfect figure proportion makes it easy to create a stylish man.

The use of simple khaki pants with white T, the shape and show different charm, simple color makes the shape very atmospheric. The treatment of exposing the waistline makes the shape more neat and presents the long legs. Although he wore a T-shirt with a shoulder off version, he could still see his thick shoulders. Therefore, Dong Youlin is also a walking clothes rack.