Cao Yunjins ex-wifes figure is too high-grade, slim waist and long legs are very provocative

 Cao Yunjins ex-wifes figure is too high-grade, slim waist and long legs are very provocative

There are small white flowers on the dress. Under the decoration of broken flowers, the pastoral and literary atmosphere of this dress are enhanced a lot, showing the sweetness and loveliness of the image. Broken flowers have large and small, such a design makes the visual sense constantly change, and ultimately enhance the overall charm, so that the skirt looks fashionable.

Wear suggestion: when choosing floral skirt, its better to choose dark bottom with light color printing, because dark color has the characteristics of versatile and not picky temperament, and light color flower can increase the sense of freshness and fashion. Enhance visual brightness.

This floral skirt is a doll collar and shoulder pad style. The design is very personalized. The doll collar is an element of age reduction, while shoulder pad is an element that can enhance the aura. Two seemingly disharmonious elements are added to the same dress to show a unique fashion flavor, and the mix and match show a higher level. Shoulder pads also have a special effect is to show thin, wide shoulders will make the waist look more slender.

Cao Yunjins ex-wifes figure is too high-grade. She has a loose waist and long legs. Tang Wans floral skirt adopts elastic design to close the waist. The wide elastic waist design makes the waist line more clear. The waist line is naturally formed. The figure looks slim, but the temperament becomes fresh, lively and gentle.

Wear suggestion: if you want to look thin, you can choose a piece with wide shoulder and thin waist to highlight the width of shoulder, and at the same time, it reflects the slender waist and limbs. Strengthening the comparison of body proportion is also an important method to improve the visual sense of body.

Cao Yunjins ex-wife is more and more natural and unrestrained, wearing a baby collar floral skirt is sweet and lovely, and wine cup leg grabs the mirror. Tang Wans figure is too high-grade. The floral skirt looks natural and natural, with a trace of sweetness in her temperament. The whole shape not only makes her waist look very slim, but also has the advantage of wine cup leg. Her legs are slim and straight, which makes people envious.

Learn to show off the figure with Tang Wan

First, use the width of the crotch to set off the slender waist

Sometimes a good figure is set off. In addition to the shoulder width to show the slender waist, you can also use the hip bone to show the slender waist. For example, the fluffy skirt can increase the width of the hip, let the waist line naturally show, and show the good figure and good temperament.

Second, build the curve of the figure

The skirt with full drooping feeling and close fitting feeling can generally create a curve feeling of the figure, which can naturally highlight the body lines and make the curve clear. Such skirt suits the women who are symmetrical and slim, and can show the feminine beauty and delicacy, and make the shape more advanced.