A big brand launched a snake essence bag and netizens collapsed after placing an order

 A big brand launched a snake essence bag and netizens collapsed after placing an order

I dont know if you have noticed that in recent years, the bags girls take out seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

Nowadays, many people may take a mobile phone when they go out, so many luxury brands have launched their own mobile phone bags, and even many classic models have launched mini versions,

Such a small and lovely size makes many fashion bloggers have the impulse to buy and buy again.

Jacquemus, the French brand, is definitely one of the brands that really make the mini bag the ultimate, and it is also the vanguard of this trend.

Feel it

Model earrings are bigger than that.

But fashion, what everyone can understand is not fashion.

According to the official website of jacquemus, the size of this super mini bag is only about 10 cm high and 6 cm wide, but this is the size of the handle.

In fact, the size of the bag is less than 5cm. If you look at the model from a distance, you cant see what it is.

I can only hook the handle with one finger. If I dont know, I think its the model with Barbies handbag on the show.

However, the price of such a super mini bag, which is only the size of a palm, is as high as 522 US dollars (about 3600 yuan).

Although the price doesnt seem to be as high as the luxury bags that cost more than 100000 yuan, it is already very grounded,

However, many netizens still said they couldnt understand, who will spend thousands of yuan to buy a bag that cant hold anything?

But in fact, their family launched the same line of mini bags two years ago, when brand designer Simon Porte designed a very delicate mini bag,

Although the size is twice the size of the current super mini bag, compared with other bags, this mini bag is still quite pocket sized.

I didnt expect that when it was launched, it became popular all over the world and sold out of stock. At that time, many stars pocketed this bag,

Rihanna, for example, carried the mini bag to the event and paired it with a dress of the same color.

And kendou and sister PA have recited

Many people also went to cattle and spent a high price to get the bag.

At that time, many fashion bloggers and magazines said that it was a necessary mini bag for fashion people.

Some netizens and bloggers have also tested how small the mini bag is to see what it can hold.

Netizen Celia Fernandez bought a new jacquemus Super Mini Bag online. After unpacking, he saw a mini dust bag,

Celia is glad that the bag is small, but the details are important.

It has a Navy Blue Mini Bag, product label and a thin shoulder strap.

After a comparison, Celia realized that the bag was not so small.

Celia took a full body picture with her bag. The bag was almost invisible

For example, wearing it on your hand is like wearing a smart watch.

Decorate the shoes,

Tie your bag on your head as a hair band because its too small

Next, Celia tested how much the bag could hold.

And she usually likes to eat Mint brand, like this small mint can only put 23. She said she was disappointed because she couldnt even put a box of mints

And if you want to put a $20 cash, you have to fold the money in half to the minimum to squeeze it into the bag

At that time, Harpers Bazaar magazine described how many hours the jacquemus mini bag was

Its so small that I cant fit a pair of airpods headphones.,

And Celia herself confirmed that: because there was only one headset in it, it took a lot of time to cover the bag.

In addition, Celia found that the bag could hold 10 pushpins,

A pair of earrings,

70 paper clips,

The popularity of this bag is largely sought after by celebrities and fashion bloggers.

However, if you are a bag collector, this bag is absolutely necessary. After all, it is the smallest size bag sold in the world.

Naomi, a fashion blogger, compared the two mini bags produced by jacquemus. The first generation of mini bags was too small to fit an Apple phone,

And the second generation super mini bag even has a bigger label

This unique (expensive and no egg) mini bag is of course what netizens make complaints about:

Thank you jacquemus for designing a bag big enough to hold all my savings.

Jacquemus is making bags for the next season

Whats going on with this jacquemus bag? For ants?

u2014u2014What can I put in this $522 mini bag? You told me!?

u2014u2014Keep the receipt you need when you return it in a week.

In fact, jacquemus has always been an unusual brand, full of surprises and brain holes, just like Simon Porte jacquemus, the founder of their brand,

Born in a small town in the south of France, I went to the big city of Paris to study design, but I dropped out of school because I disliked the curriculum and inhibited my creativity,

After self-study, he also founded his own design brand.

Therefore, jacquemusus fashion items are far from the mark

For example, this wide brimmed straw hat that is big enough to cover the whole person

After reading it, I just want to say,

More and more do not understand the fashion, buy packaging a lonely?



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