A pair of jeans can be worn all over the wardrobe

 A pair of jeans can be worn all over the wardrobe

Then use black and white canvas shoes to echo up and down, add a blue painters hat, and use the same color echo method to make ordinary daily dress up exquisite and fashionable.

Grey sweater + jeans + small white shoes

Gray and blue are classic color matching. This basic grey sweater is high waisted and slightly slim. Although the overall proportion is very good, it is more suitable for girls with slim upper body. If you lift your arm slightly, you can show your slim waist, which is feminine in leisure.

With black casual canvas bag and dark gray baseball cap, the color from light to deep forms a very natural sense of hierarchy. Such details can greatly improve our dressing quality, which is worthy of reference.

Green polo shirt + jeans + sneakers

Compared with the above slim fitting T-shirt, this green polo shirt is more inclusive for the body, and the color is also very refreshing. It has the cool feeling of summer and the vitality of autumn.

Lotus collar pullover shirt + jeans + ROMAN SANDALS

If its a quiet girl who doesnt like the sweet cool casual style above, then this set of sweet Korean style is very suitable for those who take the gentle route.

The lotus leaf collar and Lantern Sleeve give the shirt elegant, sweet, quiet and elegant temperament. The soft apricot color can also relieve the greasiness of the sweet elements and show the texture. Pair with straight jeans, add retro hair band and Roman sandals to make the whole more harmonious and durable.

Black square collar shirt + jeans + ROMAN SANDALS

Many full-bodied girls are worried about the puffiness of the light colored top with decorative elements. So this set of collocation is very suitable for the slightly fat body. The retro square collar increases the skin exposure and wont feel too stuffy. Brown hair bands and bags are excessive, which increases the sense of fashion and hierarchy.

Then use black Roman sandals to echo the jacket. It is light and steady without losing the sense of liveliness. I feel that you can also wear it to work, if the company is not very strict with the dress requirements.

Scoop sleeve striped shirt + jeans + flip flop

Its a lazy suit. Its comfortable but fashionable. The basic striped shirt has a shoulder digging design. Its sexy. The button of the shirt is opened to the second to create a thin V-neck, revealing the clavicle and neck line. Its feminine.

Black fishermans cap and black bag are embellished. The lower part is handsome and casual with jeans and flip flops. If you feel that the body is too long and not spiritual enough, you can also tuck the hem into the pants, which will be more agile and capable.

Royal blue shirt + jeans + Split toe shoes

This set of collocation is more lady style. The whole body is uniform in color. The blue hair hoop, blue shirt and blue jeans are thin and high. However, the materials of the items are different, so there is no monotony. Moreover, the buttons of the coat are cool white. Therefore, bags and shoes can also choose clean white to form a classic blue and white color matching, which is simple, refreshing and eye-catching.

Split toe shoes will show big feet, but also make the overall style more casual. If you want to look more elegant and elegant, it is recommended to match with marijean shoes, ballet shoes or pointed flat shoes.

Plaid suit + suspender Vest + jeans + dad shoes

Finally, this is a cool ladys style, casual and capable. The retro Plaid suit with a high waistband vest is handsome and sexy. Its sassy and provocative with jeans and dads shoes, which is very popular nowadays.

But if we dont have such a good figure as our little sister, it will be nice to change it into an ordinary T-shirt, and a little change of shoes can also switch to commuter style and wear it to work.

The above is a demonstration of different ways of wearing jeans. But in fact, we can also extend more collocations according to these matching ideas. If we can cover all the tops in the wardrobe, we may still have a money for installation

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