Melania wears slim jeans to cut out the excess

 Melania wears slim jeans to cut out the excess

Trump, who tucks his shirt hem into his trouser waist, has a touch of local pride in the brown belt at his ultra-low waist.

Trump, with a black jacket and a casual look, looks like a retired man who is suitable for drinking tea. Trump, alone with an umbrella, did not want to share the rhythm of the umbrella with Melania, so he left his wife standing alone in the rain.

Melania, who doesnt care about the details of trump at all, still smiles and greets warmly in the camera. The outermost part of her is a waterproof jacket. Does Melania, who can be treated willfully by trump just because of its waterproof, is also heartbreaking. They all say that finding a man bigger than herself will hurt people. How can it not be reflected in Trumps body ?

The neatly cut jacket adds a lot of formality to the casual atmosphere. The square pocket decorated on both sides may also hold many things.

Melania, with a black T-shirt underneath, is a super slim silhouette. Her long legs against the sky are tightly wrapped in dark gray jeans. Her slim and straight cartoon legs are worthy of being a super model who can charm trump into becoming the first lady of the United States.

It can be noted that Melanias feet this time is not the common high-heeled shoes in the shoe cabinet, but a pair of more handsome Martin boots. She has n-fold enhancement in the air field.

Martin boots, which have always been neutral items, are more and more popular among girls in recent years. It seems that if anyone can not own a pair of Martin boots, it is the performance of out.

There must be a cool girl in everyones heart who was released in minutes when he touched Martins boots. Martin boots, which are favored by stars and fashionistas and will never be eliminated, give fashionable girls a lot of inspiration to wear.

And Melanias Martin boots are more like military boots in appearance. The moderate hole number and absolute height greatly modify Melanias leg shape.

Compared with ordinary Martin boots, military boots with thick soles can obviously bring Melania a a height of at least 5cm in height. Compared with high-heeled shoes, military boots with thick soles can be more than any other shoes.

Trump and Melania plastic couple! The wind blew out a feeling of embarrassing. Trump alone was too selfish to support the umbrella.

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