Gao Yuanyuan wears T-shirt with plaid skirt, with fine lines at the corners of the eyes, which is more feminine

 Gao Yuanyuan wears T-shirt with plaid skirt, with fine lines at the corners of the eyes, which is more feminine

How classic and versatile white T-shirts are. I believe you all know that when you go out of the street, if you dont know how to match and choose items, you cant make mistakes if you combine white T-shirt with denim shorts. Appropriate selection of some T-shirts with decorative patterns can also make the shape not single. Of course, in addition to matching with jeans, you can also choose some skirt pieces that match in color and style.

Gao Yuanyuan chose a white plaid skirt this time. Her slightly slim style can show the perfect figure of her lower body. The white checkered pattern is a more classic pattern, which is based on color matching, but it is very attractive to wear.

This white skirt is very suitable for pear shaped girls, because it can cover the leg fat, and it is very friendly for girls with fat body. When using short sleeves with T-shirts, you can focus on the proportion of the show, tie the short sleeves into the skirt, enhance the waistline, and be more elegant.

She combs her hair into a ball and a half, which makes the whole person look more fresh and lovely. In this state, she doesnt look like a person over 40. Even if she walks in the university campus, she doesnt feel offended. The pure school flower Gao Yuanyuan is officially launched.

As an old child, Gao Yuanyuan is also in a good state. Although there are fine lines in the corners of his eyes, he can feel the charm of being a mother more feminine.

Gao Yuanyuan looks like a French retro girl when she wears a green printed skirt. The printed skirt is romantic and playful. It is combined with the green with less saturation, which brings fresh air to your face. She is wearing this green square collar dress, the color is not so choosy, yellow girls wear this dress will not appear pale color, bright with a little sense of fashion, let people heart.

In addition to the pastoral style dress, Gao Yuanyuan also knows how to use the combination of complexity and simplicity. She chooses a simple red T-shirt for her upper body and a striped skirt for her lower body. Although the skirt adopts a variety of colors, it does not show fancy at all, but is avant-garde and chic. It echoes with the color of the T-shirt, highlighting her mature charm.

Gao Yuanyuans small black dress is a classic style and adds new ideas. If you wear a black skirt alone, it will inevitably feel monotonous. However, Gao Yuanyuans black skirt is now added with a hollow out design at the appropriate position, which can easily get rid of the heavy feeling and make the shape look more dazzling. The hollowed out elements make this simple black dress more visible, which highlights the waistline effect, and also shows her slim little waist, easily wearing a different temperament.

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