The men who really can wear dont wear these five kinds of clothes in summer

 The men who really can wear dont wear these five kinds of clothes in summer

Summer wear a sleeveless vest, not to mention how cool! However, Xiaobian is still here to advise male friends not to choose to wear vest out in summer, because it looks very informal. After all, vests belong to the kind of clothes that are more revealing. This very casual style is not suitable for men to wear when they are working. Moreover, for those overweight male friends, wearing vest is more likely to expose their own fat in front of everyone.

Recommendation: white short T

Here Xiaobian suggests that you choose a white short T in summer, which will also have a very refreshing feeling on your body. Like those male friends who are overweight, you can choose the loose type of casual white T-shirt. The loose version will not let you have any binding feeling, and can achieve the obvious effect of covering meat and showing thin. However, even if you belong to the thin type of body, do not choose a very tight white T-shirt, slightly slim version is a good choice.

Many male friends who work in the workplace and other offices often choose to wear a short sleeve shirt in summer. Although this kind of dress looks more formal, there is no bright spot in it. Especially now, there is a trend of rotten streets. Whats more, the shape of shirt T-shirt with trousers will give people a very old-fashioned and no new feeling.

Recommendation: casual T-shirt

The T-shirt with casual sports style is a very good choice for male friends this summer. For those younger male friends, you can try more colorful T-shirts, such as red and ginger, which are popular in recent years. For some middle-aged male friends who are over 30 years old, Xiaobian suggests that we try some more steady colors, such as black or gray. These T-shirts and tops in these colors are worn on the body, showing both youth and steadiness.

3. Plaid Shirt

Check printing is a very common pattern element in shirt clothing. It is because the check shirt is too common, it makes male friends look very old-fashioned and even out of grade when wearing this kind of clothing. Even young men, who often wear plaid shirts, will give people a sense of aging. Not to mention some of the middle-aged men, wearing plaid shirts, but also give people a greasy uncle smell.

Recommendation: solid color shirt

Want to show young male friends, Xiaobian recommended that you can try a solid color shirt. Even if you are a fat man, wearing a solid color shirt with a loose T-shirt inside can also have a very obvious effect of covering meat and showing thin. Here we suggest middle-aged male friends, its better not to choose the shirt coat with too fancy color, which will look very unstable. Jeans, navy blue and black shirt and coat are good choices.

4. Short pants

Recommendation: Capris

For male friends, wearing Capris in summer is a very good choice. If you are a fat man, when choosing Capris, you might as well try the loose version of straight pants, which can well cover up the small defects in body. Its like some tall male friends. When choosing pants, you should pay attention to the length of pants. Some Capris may look too short on you, so it depends on the situation.

5. Tights

Tights is also a very easy to step on thunder clothing, male friends in the summer must not easily try. Tight pants for mens body and height and other aspects of the requirements are very high, such as some legs thick male friends, if you put on a pair of tight pants, it will look very cramped, very binding, also very not suitable for the daily activities of male friends.

Recommendation: casual pants

This summer avoid the above five kinds of clothes, try these clothes recommended by Xiaobian, I believe you will be able to make a new height in this summer!