Spend more than 2000 lines of eyebrows, a long and short beauty salon full refund

 Spend more than 2000 lines of eyebrows, a long and short beauty salon full refund

After arriving at the store, Ms. Liu was very upset in the process of eyebrow design by the eyebrow stylist. Its been a long time, either high or low, or long and short, with different thickness. Im really tired. The eyebrow tattooer may see that I am not satisfied and have to leave at any time, so I will change another eyebrow tattooer.

After designing the eyebrow shape, when Ms. Liu hesitated to continue, a staff member of lianzina beauty center who claimed to be the store manager and other eyebrow stylists rushed to make a round, saying that the designed eyebrow shape was already excellent and could not be changed any more. In this way, Ms. Liu was applied with a soothing anesthetic.

When she applied the anesthetic, she thought that she could finally get the business done. However, the eyebrow stylist told her that she couldnt make the 368 yuan activity fund. The reason was that Ms. Lius eyebrow foundation was too poor. The 368 yuan could only be ugly and ugly. Its ugly and ugly. Why do I use it for advertising? The store manager says Im too naive. Those eyebrows are at least five or six thousand. Ms. Liu questioned this. If lianzina beauty center put these pictures in the advertisement of 368 yuan, is it misleading consumers?

The store manager strongly recommended making other more expensive styles, and proposed to upgrade the color. Because it took too much time, Ms. Liu felt tired physically and mentally, and finally agreed to make 2388 yuan eyebrows.

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At the end of the whole process, Ms. Liu just wanted to check out and leave without looking at the eyebrows. After returning home, because of some pain in her eyebrows, she looked in the mirror and found that the effect was very poor. Her eyebrows were long and short, which were not the shape that lianzina promised. The beauty salon explained that the eyebrows with fine lines were ugly, and it would be fine after scab and scab removal. However, the scab began to fall off on the fourth day after eyebrow tattooing. More to Ms. Lius surprise, she found that part of the eyebrows without scab was not colored, and even showed pink skin.

For her own experience, Ms. Liu asked lianzina beauty center to return the eyebrow tattoo. Moreover, according to the relevant provisions, if a business operator commits fraud in the provision of goods or services, it shall be compensated according to three times the price of goods purchased or service received by the consumer.

After the coordination, the merchant has agreed to refund the consumer

In order to understand the specific situation of this matter, the reporter contacted lianzina beauty center, and its staff said that the matter has been resolved and did not disclose too much details. After expressing his intention to know more about the interview, the other party said that he would report to the store manager and make a reply. However, as of the time of publication, the reporter did not receive any reply.

If we put 5000 or 6000 eyebrow tattoo effect pictures in the 368 yuan group buying activity to attract consumers, is this misleading? The reporter consulted the relevant staff of Qingdao Shinan District market supervision and Administration Bureau. According to her introduction, if what Ms. Liu said is true, then the behavior of businesses is misleading consumers. Businesses should provide services consistent with publicity, and consumers can bring relevant information to complain.

After verification, the reporter learned that the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Shinan District of Qingdao city has implemented the complaint against Ms. Liu. Through the coordination of law enforcement personnel, the merchant agreed to refund the fee in full. For other compensation claims mentioned by Ms. Liu, it is suggested to solve them through legal channels. Xinwang reporter Yue Xiang