Anzaki wears a big bra with a big palm and jeans

 Anzaki wears a big bra with a big palm and jeans

Wear knowledge points:

Show a small waist, anzaki is more confident about his body, because the upper body strap is short, can show the navel, the lower body is best with a pair of high waist jeans to decorate. About the navel, you can occasionally dew, long time exposure will easily make the body cold, serious and even affect the health of the body, bring some unnecessary pain.

Because of her short stature, she is very clear about her advantages and how to make up for her shortcomings. Therefore, her lower body with high waist jeans can just raise the waist line, so as to improve the proportion of her body, which will show her legs longer. Small people dont choose items that are too cumbersome in length.

Wear tips:

Jeans are enough to outline the delicate lines of her figure. She has a small leg, which is one of her advantages. You can enlarge it as much as possible. Its just that the more slim pants test the leg shape. If you are deeply troubled by the x-leg or O-leg, or choose the wide leg pants to cover the leg. If the leg shape is not good-looking, it will also affect the overall visual effect. The black color used is just a versatile color, and it will not produce any sudden feeling when combined with other pieces.

Tips for choosing things:

With a pair of black sports shoes, the use of color matching design, there is a part of the dark color, instantly break the dull feeling and monotonous feeling brought by black, solid color design will appear monotonous, add some other small ornaments appropriately on it, it is very easy to use flat shoes to go out. Its sole is too thick and the material is very soft. In daily sports or travel, it can make the feet relax well and do not have to bear too much pressure and fatigue.

With her hair spread out, she looks like a goddess. Because its hot to go out in summer, her body will feel a little bit hot by covering her hair. You can try to put it behind her ears and make her face look more angular. Wearing a string of metal earrings, the use of circular hollowed out, quite fashionable.

The length of T-shirt is medium, which is convenient for her to show a pair of beautiful legs. It is easy to show short legs when a short female friend chooses a piece that is too long. With the boots, the styles of the two pieces are obviously different. The color matching just shows the role of black and white matching, and it is full of momentum when walking.

Suspender and wide leg jeans, sweet cool wind is extremely strong, black is a very versatile color. The shape of the sling is very slim and outlines the lines of the upper body. Because of the loose shape of the lower part of the jeans, there is a large space for the legs. It can correct the leg shape and make the lines of the legs very straight, which makes the legs thinner and straighter.

Carry out a black to the end, cool and handsome, like cool handsome style of female friends must not miss. The upper body is a low collar vest, while the lower part is a pair of overalls, which is consistent in color matching, which makes people feel comfortable. Martins boots are the finishing touch. They cover the legs and make them straighter.