Women wear long skirts remember three dont, otherwise no matter how expensive the skirt is also not up to grade

 Women wear long skirts remember three dont, otherwise no matter how expensive the skirt is also not up to grade

Women wear long skirts, it is difficult to give up the pattern style. The common pattern design such as broken flower, wave dot, check pattern and so on are womens favorite. But these rich and dense patterns will look out of place in early autumn. This kind of complicated pattern is more suitable for hot summer, and autumn when the weather turns cool gradually needs more simple and steady patterns. Otherwise, it is easy to enlarge the body because of the thickness of clothes, and it is visually super fat!

2u3001 Dont exaggerate the style

This years super popular bubble sleeve design dress is favored by its sweetness. But if we take a closer look at the design style of the bubble sleeve, the puffy and pompous cuffs will enlarge the lines of the arms and shoulders, making your upper part of the curve look exaggerated and bloated. The woman with fat on her waist is even more plump on her upper body. Its really no temperament to wear a long skirt in early autumn!

In addition to long dresses, there are also very difficult to control the buttock style skirt. Although the design style of high waist and buttocks can show the line of waist and hip, it has high requirements for the figure of womens lower body. Women with wide hips and thick legs are the most fat in this style. The overall shape looks round and thick like a bucket. Women with pear shaped figure must avoid it!

The right choice: Shirt Dress

3u3001 Dont be too eye-catching

Women wear long skirts in early autumn, color selection must be in place, especially for women with yellow and black skin, the key to selecting clothes is to highlight skin color through color contrast. Similar to the very bright pink, blue, purple is very black, we often say that the dark color shows white, but also to identify the old step thunder color department, in order to make your early autumn dress safe!

The rich royal blue color is actually very difficult to control. This kind of blue, which belongs to the medium color and dark color, has a bright color. This kind of blue has a low fusion with the yellow skin, which can easily reflect the yellowness of the skin. Women with yellow skin cant wear long skirts of this color. They not only appear dark and dull, but also tend to look old. Many elderly middle-aged women like to wear treasure blue, No wonder they are called middle-aged aunts!

Right choice: dark brown dress

Warm apricot, khaki and dark brown are recommended colors for early autumn. Long skirts can easily create a warm visual feeling by selecting these colors. Skin color system similar to these colors especially white show tender, learn to wear like this is right!

Wear long skirts in early autumn, remember these three dont, minute show temperament!