Milking skirts all over the street? Cool skirt is the real foreign style!

 Milking skirts all over the street? Cool skirt is the real foreign style!

In this hot weather, in addition to eating popsicles to cool off, Liya will take you to unlock the cool skirt today.

First of all, Liya sincerely asked, is there any time of the year that is more suitable for wearing skirts than in summer? If you wear enough pants and dont take the time to wear a cool skirt, you will have to wait a year after this good opportunity.

What is a cool skirt? We mainly look at these two points

Style: the exposed skin area is relatively large, and the skirt should be placed above or near the knee, and the maximum length should not exceed the ankle.

The exposed skin area of the suspender skirt is relatively large, showing the slender limbs. The collarbone of the flat collar type collar lining is very obvious, both fashionable and cool.

Material: it is comfortable and light, and there wont be too hard and heavy fabric.

When it comes to light and thin texture, how can it be less Chiffon? Its cool and comfortable to wear chiffon, which is breathable and elegant.

Pure cotton fabric is soft and close to the skin. It is suitable to wear this kind of fabric skirt in summer. T-shirt skirt is casual and has no binding feeling.

Next, Liya selected four cool skirts according to the styles, so that the fairies could spend a beautiful summer.

Needless to say, I think everyones first reaction to the cool skirt is the suspender skirt, which with a higher skin area successfully topped the front page of the cool skirt.

The design of one pair of scissors on the side of the skirt not only lengthens the leg shape, but also makes the whole body look cool.

White letter jacket with pure black A-line skirt, classic versatile, this kind of wear can not help people back to 18 years old.

The collision of blue and yellow is also too eye-catching. The design of A-line skirt with small slits is smart and fashionable. The upper body is matched with white bloom, which seems to be a macarone ice cream for summer.

A-line skirt suit wear a sling inside, concave shape and air-conditioning room necessary, feel hot off, easy.

Milking skirt with its wide low chest U-neck, square collar and chicken heart neckline, occupies an important place in the cool skirt. In the neckline, the exposed skin area is relatively large, showing superior clavicular line. The wind in summer blows through the neck and stirs up the hair, which is full of Fairy Spirit.

This is full of pastoral light yellow floral skirt, elegant and quiet, even in the hot sun, you can feel a trace of cool.

Low saturation white milking skirt, wearing it to walk on the beach, is also very comfortable, this dress with lovely short hair, looks thin and high.

The three characteristics of tea break skirt -- Deep V neckline, tight belt and split skirt. These three characteristics not only show the feminine flavor, but also show the skin just right. In addition, the fabric is light and elegant. It has become the necessary favorite of fashionable people when they go out of the street in summer.

Choose this kind of tea break skirt with fruit pattern, French romantic with lovely, just look at it and feel good to quench thirst.

Well, thats all for todays cool skirt sharing. Although autumn is here, the autumn tiger is still merciless. The feeling of hot to explosion is still so strong. In such a hot weather, its just how to cool and wear. Fairies have any questions to tell Liya. Oh, Liya will answer them patiently.