Cai Ming is really fit for moms printed skirt and sandals

 Cai Ming is really fit for moms printed skirt and sandals

1. Printed Dress + black sandals (elegant)

With a dark print dress and black sandals, Cai Mings suit is elegant and earthy. The medium length dress gives people a sense of elegance, which can show thin and cover the flesh. The deep V-neck design is fashionable to decorate the neck curve, and the large printing element adds atmosphere to make the dress look not vulgar.

While the self-cultivation version outlines Cai Mings figure curve, giving people a rich aesthetic feeling, which is very feminine.

With black thick soled sandals, not only lengthen the leg shape, add fashion sense, but also achieve a thin visual effect.

2. Green cheongsam + black high-heeled shoes (feminine)

Light green, fresh and clean, embroidery elements add elegance to the cheongsam, while the slim fit version highlights Cai Mings figure curve, giving people a rich aesthetic feeling and a calm temperament of age. The slit design of the skirt makes the cheongsam look less tight and elegant. With thick soled high-heeled shoes, it is easy to walk, but also adds height, so that Cai Ming can hold up his momentum and look noble and thin.

3. Bean Green Polka Dot Dress + high heels (retro)

Bean green polka dot dress with high-heeled shoes, Cai Mings suit is retro and French.

Bean green is gentle and fresh. Blue dots add liveliness. The collar of the shirt is aged and elegant. A brown belt is used as accessories to modify the waistline and outline the waist. Cai Ming is elegant and elegant.

Mothers in their 50s and 60s wear this way, which gives people a sense of elegance and peace.

4. Blue printed T-shirt + jeans + sandals (casual)

The blue printed T-shirt is simple but not monotonous. The T-shirt is tied in a knot, which adds the fashion sense of the T-shirt and makes the original monotonous T-shirt have vitality. With blue jeans, with the same color matching harmony and leisure, a pair of white sandals for wear into the vitality.

As accessories, the shoulder bag and Earrings add elegance and elegance to Cai Mings wear.

5. White striped shirt + small white trousers + sports shoes (younger)

If mothers in their 50s and 60s wear them like Cai Ming, they will be fresh and younger.

6. Printed cheongsam + black high heeled slippers (elegant)

The short and medium-sized printed cheongsam is matched with black slope heel slippers. Cai Mings suit is elegant, intellectual and grounded.

Summary of dressing skills of 50-60-year-old mothers:

(1) On the single piece, choose the basic piece, with appropriate light color elements, it will give people a feeling of elegance and not monotony. (2) The pattern of single product should have a sense of design. (3) Learn to use accessories to add embellishment, so as to achieve exquisite visual sense.


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