Women at 50 try not to wear wide legged pants with T-shirts

 Women at 50 try not to wear wide legged pants with T-shirts

Sanmus mother used some careful machine in collocation

(1) Only mature women can show high accessories: Pearl

Many of the current popular jewelry, are universal for all ages, almost from 18 to 80 years old, can be perfectly controlled.

But pearls are an exception. Oversized pearls convey a sense of fashion, suitable for young people and older women.

But pearls of moderate size are more suitable for mature women.

The luster and smoothness of pearls are noble and delicate. It is very difficult for women under 30 years old to wear the luxurious feeling in their bones. They just feel a little old-fashioned.

But mature women can add to their temperament, womens intellectual and mature instant show.

Whether the pearl necklace is wrapped around the neck for several weeks or hung on the neck, there is no need to tangle.

Winding for a few weeks, more compact, delicate, reflecting the gentle feminine flavor, suitable for women with long neck and thin neck.

The method of hanging on the neck is more atmospheric and calm. It reflects the aura of mature women in a low-key way. It is suitable for simple but elegant women who want to lengthen the neck curve.

(2) The shirt looks like sleeveless, but in fact, it has a lot of content: thin arms

The weather is too hot in summer. Naturally, less crossing is the better. Therefore, many women are keen on sleeveless shirts.

But for women in their 50s, flabby flesh on their arms is a stumbling block to wearing a sleeveless shirt.

You can try this years popular little fly sleeve.

Its a little bit more like a sleeveless shirt, like an umbrella covering the arm.

If you lean down smoothly from the shoulder, you dont have to worry about showing the shoulder width. At the thickest position of the arm, it just shows a diagonal line, covering the thickest part of the arm just half, so that the arm is very slim.

Sanmus mother used the small flying sleeve shirt many times in the street shooting, which covered her arm naturally.

A 50 year old woman can easily create sammus sense of nobility

(1) Try to keep the bottom color similar to the top

This year, the popularity of the Internet red wind at the same time, the rich lady style is also deeply loved by netizens.

What we mean here is not gorgeous dresses and dazzling jewelry, but the daily high-end wear of ladies.

Big color block and good fabric are the key to lady style, but they will not lose their identity.

Soft and straight material, light attached to the body, create a delicate lazy feeling.

There is a big difference between this picture of Sanmus mother and that of Sanmu. The 50 year old woman emphasizes the high-level sense of unity. The whole look is smooth and exquisite, and feels integrated.

(2) High waist and crotch closing are the basic steps for a 50 year old woman to be noble

Never forget the high waistline and crotch. Only when the body proportion is harmonious can we talk about collocation.

Small stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs, all in the wide leg pants, shrink to the perfect size.

Small women in the dress, can add a brown belt, can become a bright spot, but also can create a high waistline.

If the abdomen is protruding and the buttocks are large, dont choose a dress that is too tight. Even if the skirt with loose style is tied with the belt, it will leave space with the real body to achieve the effect of showing thin.