Piero comments on Messi super 1v5: how? You have to call him

 Piero comments on Messi super 1v5: how? You have to call him

Juve star Piero, in the Italian sky sports ball review program, focused on Messis goal against Napoli. One of the secrets of Messi is to walk on the court to keep fit. He took a long walk before the goal, which made him 100% explosive at the critical moment. He went between the two players and then immediately got up to control the ball after he fell down Messi showed his ability and imagination again, making a fake dribble to the right and then pushing the far corner out of balance, said Del Piero. In all cases, Macy can find the optimal solution in one second. I dont know how he did it. I have to call and ask him.

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Messi was injured in the left leg by kulibali in the first half against Napoli. Messis ankle is swollen and Barcelona doctors have prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for him, according to as. After 48 hours of rest, Messi will return to the training ground and he will not miss the Barcelona Bayern game.

The front page figures of the two major gatay media today are all Messi, and the world sports daily even used the moment when Messi shot Noel after a criminal act as a front page photo. Messi scored twice in 2009 and 2015 against Bayern Munich. In the 2015 Champions League semi-final, Messi scored one of the best goals of his career. On the right side of the penalty area, criminal passer-by shakes down Boateng, Messi rubs his right foot at a small angle, and the ball flies into the net from noyles head.