Others tried to fill the roots of the mountain, but she tried to lower her nose?

 Others tried to fill the roots of the mountain, but she tried to lower her nose?

Compared with Lilys sweetness, the new girlfriend Aisha has always been a mysterious dangerous woman. According to the report, sweet tea and Lily broke up in April, and then quickly fell into another relationship in such a short time. No matter what, Elsa is not easy!

So today, uncle oxygen has a good chat with you about sweet teas new girlfriend, Issa Gonzalez.

To have a face with a face, to have a figure of Aisa, people give the nickname Mexican sweetheart.. Uncle oxygen has seen a set of Street Photos of her before, and was surprised by her sexuality at the first sight.

Aisha is now 30 years old, but her face and figure are well maintained. There is no saying in the clothing. In her life, whether its sexy lady fan or casual sports style, she can control her own style, which always makes people want to see more.

Born in Mexico, Elsa loved acting since she was a child, and her acting talent can be said to be born with her. At the age of 13, she joined a Mexican directors studio to study acting. At 14, she went to Germany for further study. At the age of 16, she became popular in Mexico for her role in flying fair until Liffey.

However, Elsas childhood was not very happy. When her father died in a car accident at the age of 12, her life was split in two - before and after 12. After her fathers death, Aisha was diagnosed with ADHD because she was too sad. It took five years to get out of her grief.

Speed and passion: special action

Although there are not many highlights of Aishas role because of the plot, with her beautiful face and unique modeling, it is hard for anyone not to notice the snake and scorpion beauty who lives in the underground bar because it is so sexy.

In terms of appearance and figure, Aisha can be said to be a South American beauty. Her face is delicate and attractive, with a mature and wild charm.

In addition to her face, Aisha also has the tight, round arms and thigh lines that most Asian women who pursue white, thin and young despise. Its no exaggeration to say that you can feel what a solid and fleshy figure is in her body, as well as its rich charm.

Especially when she is wearing tight jeans, we can find the beauty of tight thighs and buttocks.

When Aisha changes into a dress, attends a formal occasion or takes hard photos, her graceful body is more obvious.

Another example is to take part in the talk show, with a nude dress on the show, which immediately removes the sharp and pressing temperament and becomes gentle and charming.

Although it may sound a little too erotic, Mr. o believes that Aisha is the kind of meat bullet figure often used to describe female stars in Hong Kong media in the 1990s. The perfect combination of charming and sexy is even a little like Ye Zimei at her peak.

Some people say that Elsa looks like supermodel AA, others think she looks like Gail gado, and some even compare her with Monika BELLUCCI But summed up, there is no more than a sentence: such a creature, no matter whether men and women see it will be heart.

But the side face of this moving picture is really like gado

Because of this, Aisha is also a model of countless reading men. She spent time with hammer brother Liam Hemsworth. The day after Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus announced the termination of their engagement, they were photographed kissing Aisha.

And Gao Fu Shuai djcalvin Harris.

The day before the warriors first round game 6 with the Clippers began last year, Klay Thompson did not forget to date her for dinner in Los Angeles.

He even had a close relationship with actor Josh Duhamel and actor Luke Bracey

However, even if the scandal goes up to the sky, uncle oxygen feels that there is nothing to blame. But where there is a bit of beauty, who does not want to experience Xiao Yaxuans happiness?

Admit that Ive done it myself

Perhaps few people know that Aisha is a female star who admits to having her face adjusted. Although the proportion of facial features is perfect, Aisha still said that she had moved her nose in the face of media interviews.

Through the comparison of the photos, we can see that in the past, the nose was more fleshy (left), and the alar of the nose was obviously wider. But later, the nose was narrowed and the root of the mountain looked more firm.

The smart thing about Issa is that her cosmetic surgery process is a little bit advanced, and she doesnt stutter into a fat man.

The first is to shrink the nose. As can be seen from the following picture of her girlhood, her original nose was very wide and large. Although her eyes were very beautiful (almost unchanged from the present), it was still because her nose lowered the beauty of the whole face, which made her look rustic and not delicate.

Even from the front, it doesnt feel bulky. The lines on the bridge of the nose are obviously smooth when you look at the side face.

Even if the whole face is now two sizes smaller, the lines of the mandible do not become strange and fuzzy. Therefore, uncle oxygen thinks that Issa should have been given a face thinning needle instead of cutting bones.

Look at the motion picture. When you smile, the lines on your cheek are smooth.

In fact, there is also a difference between eastern and Western aesthetics. In the eyes of the Oriental / Asian people, most people think that the wide mandible is ugly, and we advocate a face in the palm. However, in the aesthetics of European and American people, we dont think that the wide face must be cut off, which just has a different flavor. On the contrary, the sharp lines show that the whole person is very strong and energetic.

But at the same time, oxygen uncle also felt that Aisha should be a little bit of chin pad, especially in this contrast picture.

Then theres eyebrow lift and dimples. Aishas eyebrows and eyes were good-looking, but the slight drooping of the tail of her eyes made her look lovely and innocent, rather than charming. Take a look at the European and American peoples pursuit of Megan Foxs Foxs Fox eye before, and you can see which aesthetic is more popular in their eyes.

After raising her eyebrows and corners of her eyes, her eyes are very good for making up. No wonder some people say it looks like Megan at first sight.

With her nose, thin face and eyebrows raised, her face became delicate, and at the same time, she deepened her dimples in order to appear sweet. Of course, she had a little shallow dimple fold, so this step was almost unnoticed.

When you have dimples, you look good when you smile. Uncle oxygen cant help but sigh that Hollywood really eats this sweet and sassy style.

We all say that the red spirit fosters people. After her career became more and more smooth, the beauty of Aishas whole makeup was improved. Its not surprising that she became more and more beautiful. With the combination of exercise and melanin, the body is tighter and more energetic, and the whole person becomes more confident.

Like the tattoo on Aishas arm, shes a force to be a kondwith, she has gradually changed from a little girl in Mexico to a force that cant be ignored, and has her own aura.

European and American female stars who cant get past their noses

In Hollywood, Elsa is definitely not the first to move her nose. Compared with the Asian preference of bone cutting and mountain planting, European and American female stars seem to be blind to their original nose.

Take Bella, for example, when she was a teenager, her face was round, her eyes were drooping, her lines were not clear, and she had a silly innocence when she laughed.

Before looks blunt, the line is not sharp, and now the cool and beautiful, the senior face, can be said to have undergone earth shaking changes.

If you think that Bella has changed her face just because she has become thinner, thats a big mistake. Bella has obviously narrowed her nose and narrowed the bridge of her nose.

By contrast, is fashion much higher?

Bellas original nose is very straight and broad on the front. Like Elsa, women with such nose usually look more masculine and have a thick line. And her nose now can be very clear to see the ball shape of the tip of the nose, and the two sides of the nose wing distinction is obvious.

No wonder there is a saying that nose is a necessary condition to decide whether a person can become a beautiful woman.. Nose is really important in facial features.

Before kendou moved her nose, her nose bone was too wide and looked bigger than the nose, so the proportion was strange.

After doing the nose, the moment is more normal, the whole person foreign spirit a lot.

The nose is too high and too big, which is a sign of ugliness summed up by European and American people. Apart from being insensitive, unsophisticated and silly, the big nose is also a symbol of Jews, so it is not very popular in the eyes of European and American people.

Adrian Brody is a typical Jewish nose.

But because they are generally very well developed nasal septum cartilage, so basically the nose will be very tall. Secondly, their alar cartilage itself is particularly well-developed, it will fully support the nose. Compared with Asians, almost all European and American people are born with superior nasal conditions. As long as the height is appropriate, you only need to cut the bridge of the nose a little bit and make it thinner.

Scarlett is a typical example of reducing the bridge of her nose.

Angelina Jolies nose was also very wide in the early days. Its very different from the big air hostess in the present, but its much better after its narrowed.

Similarly, she also made herself a lovely nose, which made her nose soft.

Megan forske, on the other hand, shaved off her hump and made her nose look smoother and sharper.

Big cousin and Kate Mosss nose has become much better after straightening.

European and American female star is not neat but good-looking nose exists? Of course, Heidi Rama, for example, is born with a nose condition that is really superior. Even her nostrils are small and delicate when she can hold the angle of death from the back shot.

However, for ordinary people, if it is not carefully compared, the cosmetic surgery of female stars can not be seen too much. Because most European and American stars use their noses to fine tune the bridge and the nose, and will not fill the mountain roots.

In the past two years, the aesthetic trend in China is that everyone has a European and American nose, but the facial bones of Asians are not as three-dimensional as those of European and American people. Although the nose is very high and the apple muscle should be injected, the contour is still very flat. Thats why a lot of people have a strange face after finishing their noses.

Oxygen uncle thinks Zheng Shuangs nose is adjusted, but pull down her beauty, because it is too disharmonious.

A positive example is Koreas Gao Yunzhen, whose nose is a small adjustment according to her face shape. Oxygen uncle thinks that her nose height is moderate, nose has a fleshy feeling, and her oval face presents a mellow feeling just right, facial lines are also smooth, so it looks particularly comfortable.

Gao Yunzhens cosmetic surgery is based on the characteristics of her own facial features, and does not blindly ask for European style, which is worth learning from domestic women who want cosmetic surgery. No matter which part of your face you want to move, you should at least consider the degree of harmony with other facial features before moving, so that the effect can meet your own aesthetic feeling.

Compared with crazy addition, subtraction is less likely to produce cosmetic face, right?