The 180 kilogram Big Mac almost broke the coachs head! Warning Ramos: youre lucky not to meet me

 The 180 kilogram Big Mac almost broke the coachs head! Warning Ramos: youre lucky not to meet me

The story is now approaching its climax: a few hours later, klopper actually communicated with him on the video. He sincerely invited akinfenwa to participate in the celebration of Liverpools championship, and highly praised the achievements of Wycombes striker: well done! Great victory

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Klopp congratulates akinfenwa on his teams entry into the championship (source: Netease sports)

So the question is, who is akinfenwa? What are the differences between him? Why can cue get to Uncle slag? How can he become a top net player in English football?

The 38 year old has never played in the top league, but his reputation is stronger than most Premier League players.

The reason lies in his unique figure: most of his career, akinfenwas weight has been kept at about 102 kg, and his upper body strength is extremely strong. His bench push can reach a terrifying 180 kg, which is almost twice his own weight. Therefore, he can often crush the opponents guard with his body on the court - yes, he is the typical body eating guy in many people.

But strong alone is not enough to make him known, after all, akinfenwa spent most of his time in the limited exposure of the English low-level League. It was FIFA Football that really let him break through the bottleneck of the stadium. Starting from FIFA 2012, akinfenwa is the player with the highest strength index in the game.

In response, British football writer Tom Watt, who designed the script outline for FIFA games, said: FIFA, like many data games, is like a talent show stage, which makes it a star by magnifying or exaggerating certain characteristics of the common people. If you are a senior football manager player, you may be impressed by the name Simon Davis. In the 99-00 version of manager of champions, the predecessor of football manager, the former Welsh international was named as the first demon star, and his ability value in the game was comparable to that of Maradona, the former Welsh international finally disappeared and disappeared like most of the early games.

The amplified quality of akinfenwa is his strength. As the saying goes, there is no first in literature and no second in martial arts. In this matter, experts will know whether there is such a thing as strength comparison. Facts have proved that akinfenwas strength index is by no means a false name.

Aginfenwas physical ability is 99

In the summer of 2014, Wimbledon, who was playing for akinfenwa, played a pre-season warm-up with Chelsea. In the competition, relying on the absolute physical advantage, akinfenwa nearly crushed the legendary blue central defender Terry.

Although Aquin fenois did not score against Chelsea in that game, his performance was well received. 60 minutes before the game, the whole Chelsea defense line was stirred by the big forward, and the obviously higher level of the Chelsea midfield players repeatedly withdraw to make up for defense, and have no time to consider the attack. The direct result was that Chelsea were still 2-0 down until the 74th minute of the game. Fortunately, in the final stage of the game, Terry was suddenly in the offensive end, scoring with two corner kicks, 3-2 reversed the opponent and refused to make an unexpected surprise.

After the game, Terry touched his forehead: fortunately, they dont have akinfenwa in other positions. Yes, thats the problem with low-level teams. They may have strong reinforcements in a certain position, but they cant balance the three lines.

The following year, in a match in the third round of the English FA Cup, akinfenwa scored an important goal he had been dreaming of since childhood - to break the door of Liverpool.

As we all know, akinfenwa is a loyal red army fan and his childhood idol was left winger John Barnes. In this direct dialogue with Liverpool, akinfenwa once again with his excellent physical fitness to let the then Red Army central defender, the Eastern European tough guy shkottel, bow to the bow.

Wimbledon legend forward Gayle watched the match as a guest of commentary: no one can win against akinfenwa in the confrontation, the players of Liverpool are always knocked down, which makes it difficult for the referee to decide whether to commit a foul or not.

After 36 minutes of the game, Wimbledon opened the left corner. The goalkeeper Minnie ole missed the attack and the ball hit the opponents leg and hit the crossbar. At this time, akinfenwa appeared in front of the ball and poked the goal with his foot in the first place. After the goal, akinfenwa can not hide his excitement, although the celebration action is still low-key calm, but his eyes have been moist.

But after all, Liverpool were better at the end, with two goals from captain Gerrard, Liverpool advanced 2-1. After the game, Gerrard gave his shirt to akinfenwa.

How fanatical is akinfenwa towards the Red Army? Remember the Champions League final that made Liverpool goalkeeper Cary us famous in the 2017-2018 season? During the match, Liverpool striker Salah was dislocated by Spains central defender while struggling with Real Madrid defender Ramos and left early. And in the game two major mistakes in the karius was also detected and Ramos after the collision with concussion.

At this time, akinfenwa began to speak hard on the social network: Ramos, you not only knocked down my Salah, but also hit calius into a concussion. Lucky for you, if I play with you I will be like this! As he spoke, he tore up a pair of sneakers with his bare hands.

Crushing Chelsea was a turning point in his career. Two years later, he was invited by the memory of his Chelsea fans: to consider becoming a major forward? At that time, Chelsea manager Conte was trying to add a strong and tall center forward to the front line. Many players, including Carroll, bentek and crouch, were on Contes inspection list. But akinfenwa politely refused Conte on the ground that he would not let him eat his favorite dish chicken. This joke is not groundless. Since Conte took over the blues in 2016, the recipe of Chelsea has been completely changed. Chicken and pizza have been listed in the blacklist of club recipes. Meanwhile, grapes and medlar have been put on the club table.

Lets go back to the final of the League One playoffs, akinfenwa insisted in an interview: at present, only klop is qualified to recruit me. Dont think that after he won the championship, his words are actually a bitter past many years ago - just as the saying goes, how poisonous the mouth is, how bitter the heart is.

In 2014, akinfenwa joined Wimbledon and played an important role in the teams promotion to the League two. In 2016, the first time that Wimbledon was successfully promoted, akinfenwa learned that he was about to be cleaned up by the team: the ruthlessness in the professional arena was revealed.

After playing the last game for Wimbledon, akinfenwa officially became a free man. In front of the TV interview, he sent an open application letter to all clubs: all clubs can contact me on social networks, because I am officially idle at home.

He has received successive offers from clubs in Qatar, the United States, Turkey and other countries. Thinking he would be on his last contract in a foreign country, akinfenwa received an offer from his old rivals: 43 year old Gareth einsleys Wycombe Rangers.

Ainsley is the longest manager of a club in the top four English leagues. He knew that Wycombe lacked a spiritual leader who could lead the team forward, so the natural speaker akin fenwa fell in love with him.

In three years, they helped the team win two levels in a row, creating the best record in 133 years since the establishment of the club. In the 2017-2018 season, akinfenwa contributed 17 goals and helped the team to the League one. After the promotion, the picture of him embracing and celebrating with coach Ainsley was ridiculed by the media for a moment: This is to crush the head of the coach at any time.

As a black player with a peculiar figure, akinfenwas career has never been short of ridicule and discrimination. But the beast has been indifferent: people say Im too big to play. But after I scored 100 goals, everyone shut up This season, 38 year old akinfenwa made 32 appearances and scored 10 goals, becoming the clubs top scorer in the professional league stage. The total number of goals in his career has already passed the 200 mark.

After upgrading with the team, akinfenwa recently gave an exclusive interview with the Liverpool Echo. In the interview, he said he would like to play against Liverpool centre back Van Dyke, in his mind, the worlds number one centre back.

Akinfenwa in the new Liverpool shirt

Source: Football Conference Author: Zhu Yuan, editor in charge: Liu Kai_ NS4812