The child of Liaoning basketball team and the soldier of national basketball team

 The child of Liaoning basketball team and the soldier of national basketball team

For Guo Shiqiang, this is a turning point in his coaching career. Because in the past 14 years, Guo Shiqiang has only been the head coach of Liaoning mens basketball team and the head coach of Chinese mens basketball team. Guos teaching experience of national brand is not beautiful. The opening paragraph of Jinmen Massacre is a tragic tone. However, when it comes to his hometown team, Guo Shiqiang has made outstanding contributions. In 14 years and 12 seasons, four finals, and one championship is enough to explain everything. His hometowns contribution to Liaoning Provinces top ten outstanding young peoples honor and deputy director of the basketball management center of the sports bureau is also considered as the utmost benevolence.

Of course, Guo Shiqiang didnt go away with his seal. His post in Liaoning Sports Bureau should still be there. Therefore, most of his going out this time will go through the classic process of Liaoning basketball export. For example, as revealed in the radio news, Guo Shiqiang will take a mysterious l Jun with him when he goes to Guangzhou this time. It is very likely that he will change a character from Guangzhou. This kind of playing method of changing people by people can help sports in China There are specific terms, or communication or support.

This is certainly not the first time that Liaoning has sent coaches abroad. In fact, the name of Jiang Xingquan was one of the most important names in Chinese history. In the new century, it was only one and a half seasons before Jiang returned to Liaoning to take charge. He resigned and transferred to Xinjiang. According to Jiang Xingquans own description, the trigger for his resignation was a quarrel between the team owner Han Zhaoshan and himself in the dressing room.

Li Chunjiang, who founded the Guangdong Dynasty, is also produced by Liaoning basketball team. He was the main small forward of Liaoning team in 1983, and the absolute core. Since 1988, he has followed Liaoning team for five years and four championships, becoming the last dynasty team in the prehistoric era of CBA. Jiang Xingquan was the first to coach Li Chunjiang. When Li Chunjiang retired in 1993, he was welcomed by a real estate bureau in Huanggu District of Shenyang City. Only then did Li Chunjiang go south to Guangdong Hongyuan and take root.

Of course, Wu Qinglongs emotional intelligence is not so low as to say any special exciting words when he knocks out his hometown team in the playoffs away from home. Before Liaoning, the only home game in Yunnan Province in the 3-win series, Da Longs words may be more able to reveal his true thoughts: for nothing else, I just want to prove myself.

What Wu Qinglong has won in this series is his former mentor of Liaoning team Jiang Xingquan. Nine months later, Jiang Xingquan was dismissed. As for how Wu Qinglong returned to the Liao basketball team ten years later, and how he was pushed out by Guo Shiqiang and left Liaoning again, now that the Qingdao team is in charge, that is another story.

After defeating Liaoning, Wu Qinglong was thrown into the air by his disciples

Now Li Chunjiang, from Liaoning Province, is sitting on the head coach seat in Guangxia, Zhejiang Province, while Liu Weiwei, commander-in-chief of Liaoning Province Hun Bian, is the head coach of Zhejiang Chouzhou bank. Jiang Xingquan, 80, sat beside him to complete the consulting contract and prepare to go back to his hometown in Shenyang to provide for the aged. Liaoning fans may have been used to it. Over the years, their teams have gone from hunters to Panpan, Julong, jaguars and Feibao, and may return to hunters next year. There will always be some familiar Liaoning faces on the opposite coach table, such as Wu naiqun, Cui Wanjun, Jiejun, Li Xiaoyong.

After all, there is only one post of head coach, and not every retired player has the qualification to become an excellent coach. However, compared with Liaoning Foreign Transportation coach, their experience of exporting players can only be better than that. Before Guo Shiqiangs group of players, most of the excellent local basketball players basically entered the Liaoning adult team. However, those who played a famous role in the Liaoning team either left after retirement or even left, often at the end of his career. Wu naiqun transferred to Zhejiang Wanma at the age of 30, and Li Xiaoyong joined Shaanxi at the age of 34, which was an old age at that time. Li Nan, from Heilongjiang Province, may be the most famous one. He was born in Liaoning sports school. Later, he did not enter the first team of Liaoning Province, but was transferred to Bayi. In a sense, it belongs to force majeure.

Li Xiaoyong and Zhang Qingpeng

Li Nan and Guo Shiqiang

At the same time, some southern teams with strong economic strength but weak basketball Foundation began to play the role of scouts, attacking everywhere to recruit young talents. Liaoning soon became the focus of the search, and various youth training camps and training classes emerged in an endless stream. For example, the training camp in Guangxia, Zhejiang Province, was opened under the city of Shenyang. After leaving the Liaoning team, Zhou Peng and Wang Shipeng obviously would not go to Guangdong in vain. Duan jiangpeng was poached at the age of 13, Luo Xudong was taken to Shanghai by Li Qiuping when he was young, and Zou Yuchen was dug up to go to school in Shenzhen at the age of 12 On the forum, Liaoning fans scoffed at the behavior of southerners robbing people from the north. In the face of the youth training camps that have sprung up everywhere in Liaoning, the local fans are anxious, but they still have nothing to do. Because the youth training camp is quite different from the story version of investing less than mountain customs. For Liaoning local basketball, this is actually more Close to a kind of resource plunder.

Zhou Qi may be the biggest mine plundered in recent years. Although Zhou Qi is from Henan Province, he is a player from Liaoning youth training team. Liaoning team had the opportunity to sign Zhou Qi, but it is said that due to some dispute over contract details, he was eventually cut off by Xinjiang.

The story of fan Ziming, who won the National Games youth group champion with Zhou Qi in 2013, is even more tortuous. Fan Zimings father, fan lichen, is a former Guangdong mens basketball player, and his mother Jiang Ying is a former Liaoning womens basketball player. The reasons why he didnt want to stay in Liaoning team were: first, the Liaoning team was not a pure commercial team, and Liaoning Sports Bureau had a considerable voice. Fan Zimings parents did not want their children to re-enter the system. Secondly, the probability of Zhou Qi staying in Liaoning was too high. Once Zhou Qi was in the first team, he was afraid that fan Ziming would not be in the future.

Then fan Ziming went to Guangdong and went to Guangzhou instead of Hongyuan because Yi Jianlian was in the position. He was afraid that it would be too difficult to get ahead. From this point of view, fan Zimings family made great efforts to avoid Zhou Qi and Yi Jianlian.

This idea is basically right, because there is a ready-made example in the Liaoning team. The former coach played in Liaoning for three seasons because of the small players on the back line and too many people occupied the pit. In the last year of Liaoning, he only had 6 minutes to play in the last year. However, after he moved to Shanxi, the playing time immediately increased to 26.2 minutes, which was also regarded as a world.

There, Liaoning old uncle is waiting for him.

In the semi-final of the playoffs after the CBA comeback in 2020, Liaoning team eliminated Xinjiang with Zhou Qi, fan Ziming and Zeng lingxu (from Dandong, Liaoning) 2-0. Maybe the second championship is enough to make up for their brain drain and let them forget that Han Dejun would be exhausted without Li Xiaoxu.

The history of Liaoning childrens running away is almost synchronous with the history of Chinas reform and opening-up. The direction of the flow of basketball teenagers is roughly similar to that of other industries in the same era. Basketball, Zhao Benshan and barbecue have gone north and South together. The root cause is that the choice of nearly two generations is not only the call of RMB, but also the impulse to escape the system.

Even the youth training system itself, which Liaoning is proud of, is also facing a more embarrassing situation. On the one hand, there will be more and more children who choose to go to school. In their eyes, there must be the shadow of Zeng lingxu and Shi Hongfei. On the other hand, some parents who are more eager for quick success and instant benefit will send their children out of Liaoning for the immediate benefit before they really accept the basic skills of Liaoning youth training. It seems that the seedlings are flowing, However, it is unclear whether the good and bad foreign training system will destroy more seedlings or encourage more. Perhaps the most critical point is that Liaoning can not even realize the immediate interests to these parents. The fact is, in the youth national team now, there are few players from Liaoning youth training system.

Most people who leave Liaoning still feel the good of their hometown. Li Xiaoyong once said, its better to be at home than to be away from home. Although Wu Qinglong has a grievance of 200 kg, he still talks about his hometown and is emotional: in fact, I always care about Liaoning mens basketball team. No matter where I go, Ill always read the news about Liaoning team. Off the field, I always remember that Im from Liaoning!

Zhou Pengs exclamation marks are a little bit more, but we can really feel the sincere feelings of hometown. Now in Chinas basketball circle, Liaonings children are still all over the world. No matter how far they go, you dont have to worry that their local accent will change. What you need to worry about is whether the accent of the people around them will be taken away.

At present, Chinese basketball still needs Liaoning. However, who knows what Liaoning basketball needs?

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