Trumps attack on twitter again: Hot search list disgusting

 Trumps attack on twitter again: Hot search list disgusting

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Trump tweeted that the so-called hot search list is really disgusting . A lot of it is related to me, but it has never been a good hot search. They (twitter) look for anything they can find, and then make it worse and try to push it into hot search. Its really ridiculous. Its illegal and its very unfair to me.

According to Twitters website, by default, hot search lists are based on users interests, locations and interests. For now, Twitter has declined to be interviewed by the Capitol Hill on the issue.

Recently, Trumps relationship with Twitter has become increasingly delicate.. On May 26 local time, for the first time, twitter added the label of fact check under Trumps two tweets. Trump then tried to fight back and issued an executive order aimed at depriving social media platforms of some legal protection. But experts believe that, to a large extent, the order has no real power and its legal basis is controversial.

According to the business insider website, there is no clear evidence that social media companies are biased against a partys political views, but the issue is often attacked by Trumps popular conservatives. According to brandwatch, a social media analytics firm, trump has more than 84 million followers on twitter, ranking seventh out of all users, making him the political figure second only to Obama.

Qian yazhuo, reporter of Beijing News

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