Seven people arrested for violating the national security law of Hong Kong

 Seven people arrested for violating the national security law of Hong Kong

Li Zhiying was arrested. Source: Hong Kong Eastern network

East net said that Li Zhiyings arrest was suspected of violating Article 29 of the Hong Kong national security law, colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security, as well as conspiracy to defraud and incitement. His two sons are involved in the crime of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security.

Seven peoples cars were parked outside Li Zhiyings residence

In addition, mark Simon, Li Zhiyings right-hand and right-hand man, is wanted by the police. Mark Simon posted on social media this morning announcing the arrest of Li Zhiying on suspicion of collusion with foreign forces.

According to the east net news, Li Zhiyings conspiracy to defraud is related to one medias suspected operation of an independent company in the factory building of Tseung Kwan O industrial estate, providing Company Secretary services, violating the land lease or making profits by fraud. Earlier, it was said that one media in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate plant, suspected of operating at least 14 independent companies, involving different businesses. According to the records, all the directors of the companies were Li Zhiying. One of the companies provided Company Secretary services to 10 restaurants and companies run by Li Yaoen, the second son of Li Zhiying, including the four seasons regular meal of second-hand frozen lemon tea. The Tseung Kwan O industrial estate is managed by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. In examining and approving applications for land for industrial estates, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has stipulated that only other operations approved or agreed in writing by the science and Technology Park may be carried out in the factory buildings, and no sublease is allowed to other persons.

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Capture screen! Seven people including Li Zhiying were arrested by Hong Kong Police (source: global network)

Earlier report

Li Zhiying, the leader of disorderly port, was arraigned again: three cases involving five crimes, July 30 (Xinhua) 15 Hong Kong rioters, including Li Zhiying, the leader of Hong Kong chaos and the founder of one media, were accused of organizing, participating in or inciting others to participate in the rally without the approval of the police. The case will be heard in front of the District Court judge for the first time this afternoon (30 days). According to Hong Kong media, the judge is likely to hear whether 15 defendants plead guilty.

According to Hong Kongs east net report, Li Zhiying is involved in three cases and charged with five crimes, including two crimes of organizing unauthorized assembly and three charges of participating in unauthorized assembly. Once the crime is completed, each crime can be jailed for up to five years. If more than one case is finally convicted, he can be jailed for up to seven years.

According to the report, the 15 defendants include Li Zhiying, the founding chairman of the Democratic Party, Li Zhuming, former chairman Yang Sen, he Junren and former vice chairman Shan Zhongkai; current and former members of Parliament Liang Yaozhong, Liang Guoxiong, Li Zhuoren, Wu Maiyi, he Xiulan and Qu nuoxian; Wu Wenyuan, former chairman of the society and peoples company; Huang Haoming, the current chairman; CAI Yaochang, Secretary of the association of the Communist Party of China and Chen haohuan, deputy convener of the Democratic Front u3002 The four cases involved four processions on August 18, August 31, October 1 and October 20, respectively. Li Zhiying was involved in the first to the third processions.

Li Zhiying, who has been charged with many crimes, has not forgotten to make trouble. On the 23rd, he admitted that it is difficult to fight on the streets. However, he aimed at the election of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. He incited him in the live broadcast. If he wants to persist in fighting, he needs to move the battlefield to the Legislative Council. According to eastnet, Hong Kong current affairs commentator Chen Yunsheng told Li Zhiying that Hong Kong once fell into a black violence situation, which was caused by Li Zhiyings money and efforts to disrupt Hong Kong. Ta Kung Pao once denounced the oppositions attempt to capture the Legislative Council and achieve 35 +, attempting to completely veto the SAR governments motion and government funding, and ultimately achieve full-scale speculation.

Hong Kong citizens groups have also demonstrated repeatedly against Li Zhiying. More than 10 citizens, including Hong Kong Political Research Association, patriotic Hong Kong 101 and DQ action team, demonstrated outside the court on the 15th, according to the public website. They denounced political gangsters, demanded that Li Zhiying be prosecuted and traitors be severely punished and that fat Li should be jailed.

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