After Li Zhiying was arrested, his two sons were also arrested for collusion with foreign forces

 After Li Zhiying was arrested, his two sons were also arrested for collusion with foreign forces

Prior news

Hong Kong media: seven people including Li Zhiying were arrested by the Hong Kong Police on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces and violating the national security law of Hong Kong

According to the report, Li Zhiying was arrested on suspicion of violating the national security law of Hong Kong on the crime of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security, as well as fraud.

According to a source, the police also arrested two sons of Li Zhiying, Li jianen and Li Yaoen, who were involved in the crime of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security. In addition, one media has also been arrested in the incident.

Photo from Hong Kong media

In April this year, the police arrested 15 pan citizens including Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming, chairman of the founding Party of the Democratic Party, and charged them with organizing and inciting to participate in unauthorized processions during the amendment storm last year, involving four processions, and the case is still under trial.

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Li Zhiying incited to do this, Liang Zhenying expressed support, netizens: the only right thing they did! (source: original)

Extended reading

The government of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) has launched a series of killing tactics. The Hong Kong people are really flustered

In the face of the recent rapid offensive by the SAR government, Hong Kongs chaotic Hong Kong faction is obviously unable to carry on.

First, the front foot DQ lost 12 candidates for the Legislative Council of the disorderly Hong Kong faction. The police at the back foot arrested four people, including Zhong Hanlin, and six wanted Luo Guancong. Recently, they accused Huang Zhifeng and Cen Aohui of illegally assembling in June this year.

In a short period of one week, the SAR governments high efficiency, quick decision-making and resolute attitude were far beyond the expectation of the opposition. It called out unable to resist, stepped up the discussion on coping strategies and wanted to save ourselves again.

The opposition faces unprecedented crisis

DQ shows its power, and the substitute has doubts. Recently, it was reported that Zhao Jiaxian, coordinator of the opposition primary election and convener of the Democratic drive, said that the candidates who won the primary election with the key DQ of the SAR government and had a prominent resistance position seriously disrupted the oppositions election plan and arrangement, while most of the candidates were weak in strength, which made it difficult for voters to convince both in terms of popularity and regional influence, and expected the election in the coming year In the future, it is not only difficult for the opposition to achieve the goal of more than half of the Legislative Council seats, but also can not guarantee that 35 people will enter the gate to run for election.

In the previous article secrets of the US Consulate General intervening in the election of the Hong Kong Legislative Council! u300bIt has been mentioned in the article that the United States has made great efforts to the Legislative Council election in Hong Kong. In particular, in terms of the replacement of candidates, the United States intends to focus on training a new generation of string puppets. This is directly related to their voice in Hong Kong in the future. However, Zhao Jiaxian is not satisfied with the candidates. It can be seen that the opposition is not harmonious and the SAR government is getting stronger Under the attack of strength, it is easy to collapse.

Its hard for the central government to gather Qi. Li Zhiqiang, a member of the public democratic party, said that the opposition suffered a heavy blow and was expected to be hard to recover in a few years. Liang Jiajie, chairman of the public democratic party, said that the scope of the DQ of the SAR Government exceeded expectations. In addition to the natives such as Huang Zhifeng and Zhang Kunyang, the traditional opposition also failed to enter the gate. This is a very obvious signal of repression. The opposition may be unable to reach 25 seats even if the election is postponed for one year, thus facing a serious survival crisis.

Dai Yaoting, on the other hand, said that his dismissal from the University of Hong Kong and the recent successive moves of the SAR government were inspired by the central government. I am afraid that more measures will be taken against the opposition in the future.

As the saying goes, keep up ones momentum, decline again and again, and exhaust three times. Now the opposition is losing ground. There are so many illegal facts before, and the SAR government is not serious enough to fight. Once defeated, it is very difficult to revive.

To the end of the road

Rebellious gang of four wants to return to the world

In the face of todays grim situation, many of the opposition bigwigs who claimed to have withdrawn from the world are forced by the pressure from the United States and the West behind them, and there are signs of re emerging from the world. However, due to the shock of Hong Kongs national security law, they are less bold and more evasive.

Li Zhuming, who criticized there is no way out for Hong Kong Independence and supports one country, two systems, recently reported the situation to the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and patten, the last governor of Hong Kong, and asked for help. On the other hand, the public democratic party actively lobbied Anson Chan, who quit politics and enjoy family relations, to contact alumni of HKU, friends of retired civil servants and Hong Kong people in Britain and Canada to launch a joint protest against the SAR government.

Tut Tut, I tried my best to keep my old life, but in the end, I didnt want to see the gold masters face behind the scenes? If it goes on like this, it will not be long before the chessmen become abandoned and the gang of four may be able to gather together in the prison.

In addition, there are also some opposition activists who want to exert pressure on the SAR Government in various ways. For example, Liang Jiajie contacted the bar association to discuss and issue a joint statement; Yang Yueqiao and Cen Aohui discussed joint response strategies with the Democratic Party, the labor party, the democratic drive and the Democratic Front, only under the real offensive of the SAR government These two or three little birds cant affect the general situation at all.

Denied by the opposition

The top priority facing the opposition is how to deal with the DQ of the SAR government. According to news from inside the opposition, on the evening of July 30, Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming held an emergency video conference to discuss the strategies for dealing with DQ and postponing the election. The leaders of the public democratic party and the Democratic Party and a person from the US side attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Zhiying said that the current epidemic situation in Xinguan is serious. The opposition is unable to organize large-scale protests and demonstrations. It is also at risk of being annihilated by the Hong Kong police. The opposition has fallen into a passive position in its actual actions and has been restrained step by step. Therefore, the passive way of voting for the Legislative Council was rejected and the Legislative Council was rejected.

Some participants believed that the SAR government might gradually increase the number of DQ candidates. On the day of the Legislative Council election, it is not clear how many people will be eligible to stand for election. If it is not possible to ensure that all members will abandon the election, the effect of the plan will be greatly reduced. Finally, no consensus has been reached on the collective rejection proposal proposed by Li Zhiying.

If we want to abstain from the election, it is the traditional program of the opposition. In 2016, five people including Chen WanChen and he Qiming suddenly abstained on the eve of the Legislative Council election, known as concentrated votes. In fact, Dai Yaotings thunder plan primary election aroused the oppositions internal fighting. Chen WanChens several people were forced out, which made the opposition lose face. Now Li Zhiying proposed collective abandonment of election, which aroused some peoples attentionu201c Sad past is naturally opposed. Read the original