Buy it or seal it? The two men had a big fight in front of trump over tiktok

 Buy it or seal it? The two men had a big fight in front of trump over tiktok

However, Navarro immediately counterattacked, calling for a total ban on tiktok and accusing mnuchin of being too moderate and weak towards China. People familiar with the matter said Mr. mnuchin appeared surprised by Navarros remarks.

A former U.S. government official described to the media, I think Trumps instinct is to be aggressive towards China. Navarro, like the devil on Trumps shoulders, is saying, just do it, do it. Mr. mnuchin is more like a governor trying to slow things down - he might think, what about Wall Street? What about the second stage of trade negotiations?

Navarro (left), mnuchin data map

In fact, the Washington Post points out that, prior to the spat, there had been some backroom deals between the relevant investors, lobbyists and company executives in the tiktok incident. Many of these stakeholders have long understood the importance of building close relationships with key figures in the trump administration.

But in the past few weeks, they have also realized the unpredictable and unstable nature of business transactions under the trump led government, and how the winners in the relevant debates before trump can influence the fate of this multi billion dollar deal. Many contests have taken place behind every turning point in the (tiktok) incident, the report said.

On August 6, after allowing the acquisition negotiations between Microsoft and tiktok to continue, trump signed an administrative order requiring tiktok not to sell its assets in the United States within 45 days, which would lead to a ban. According to CNN, the row between Mr. mnuchin and Mr. Navarro took place just before the executive order was signed.

Washington Post said that this fierce dispute shaped tiktoks fate..

Tiktoks fate shaped by a fierce struggle in the Oval Office

In recent years, in the tiktok incident, there has been a clear distinction between the blocking faction and the takeover faction in the White House. On August 5, several officials familiar with the matter told CNN that Mr. mnuchin, White House economic adviser Kudrow, attorney general Barr, and White House adviser Kylie Ann Conway wanted to persuade the president to support Microsofts acquisition plan.

In addition, a former U.S. government official said that Secretary of state pompeio had also advocated a total ban on tiktok, but later his ideas changed.

Recently, the trump administration has been suppressing tiktok and forcing it to sell assets on the grounds of so-called national security. On August 8, national public radio (NPR) quoted people familiar with the situation saying tiktok would sue the trump administration on the ban as soon as next Tuesday.

NPR said tiktok will charge in the prosecution that Trumps direct signing of the executive order is suspected of violating the U.S. Constitution because it does not give tiktok any chance to respond. In addition, the prosecution alleges that the national security reasons cited by the trump administration in the executive order are groundless.