The 23-year-old girl was infected with AIDS and wrote a suicide note during her collapse

 The 23-year-old girl was infected with AIDS and wrote a suicide note during her collapse

At the age of 23, she knew little about AIDS. She only heard that AIDS was a terminal disease. At that moment, she thought that she was dying soon.

After the age of 18, Ye has always insisted on donating blood every six months. Her blood donation in the autumn of 2019 has become the last time in her life.

Why me? I didnt make friends in a mess...

At this time, she thought of her ex boyfriend. Ye made a boyfriend when he was a sophomore. During their intercourse, he had been abroad. I called him later, and he went to have a test, and the result was positive.

Fortunately, in the second year of HIV infection, ye gradually adjusted his mentality, actively participated in the anti AIDS activities, and got to know her husband (a patient infected by a medical accident) in an activity.

Shortly after marriage, Ye Zi gave birth to a healthy baby. Now the child is five years old, in addition to the need for regular testing, other and ordinary children are no different.

After reading the story of leaves, some people may ask: AIDS patients themselves are the source of transmission, if they get married and have children, will the virus not infect their families?

In fact, marriage is not the way to spread AIDS.

The marriage law stipulates that people with diseases that are not suitable for marriage in medicine can not get married. AIDS is not on the list. According to the regulations on prevention and control of AIDS, the legitimate rights and interests of people living with HIV, AIDS patients and their families, such as marriage, employment, medical treatment and enrollment, are protected by law.

Therefore, as long as AIDS patients have indicated to their partners that they are infected before marriage, and both parties are free to take measures to prevent infection, AIDS patients still have the right to marry. In addition to marriage, the birth of AIDS patients is also allowed by law, through advanced medical means, can effectively avoid mother to child transmission of the virus.

Pre pregnancy preparation: couples who plan to have a baby must accept HIV counseling and testing before pregnancy, avoid unwanted pregnancy and childbirth, and make full preparation for the birth of healthy babies.

Pregnancy detection and health care: AIDS pregnant women patients generally open in 14 weeks, should be timely to the hospital, accept AIDS testing and drug treatment. In particular, the closer the time of receiving antiviral treatment to the time of delivery, the higher the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV.

Preventive medication: be hospitalized before delivery and accept safe midwifery guidance. After the baby is born, also want the first time to carry on the medicine prevention, is generally takes the antiviral medicine within 6 hours after the baby is born.

Reasonable postpartum feeding: breast feeding is one of the routes of transmission of the virus. The babies born by women infected with AIDS should not be breast fed by the mothers themselves, and proper artificial feeding should be adopted after delivery under the guidance of doctors.

AIDS is no stranger to us, but few people really understand it. Because of this, many people have prejudice on AIDS.

Prejudice 1: hugging, shaking hands, eating together will infect AIDS.

In fact, these intimate interactions dont spread the virus. But unprotected sex, sharing needles, or sharing UN sterilized tattoo equipment can be at risk of HIV infection.

Homosexual X-ray behavior is more likely to infect HIV, but homosexuality and homosexual X-ray behavior are two concepts. If both are negative, they will not infect each other. In fact, according to the latest AIDS survey data, the number of heterosexual people is more, but people will not equate dependence with AIDS, the same truth.

Prejudice 3: AIDS is a dead end.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }When the reporter interviewed ye ye, his expression was very happy. With the popularization of HIV knowledge, her parents, parents in law and relatives are particularly understanding and tolerant. Every AIDS patient has the right to pursue marriage and childbirth, but the premise is not to conceal the disease, and under the guidance of the doctor to do a variety of preparations. Reference material: [1] a 23-year-old girl was infected by AIDS by her boyfriend back home, and she wrote a suicide note when she collapsed u300b. Qianjiang Evening News. December 2, 2018 [2] AIDS patients cant get married and have children, are they not qualified to love? u300bWorld AIDS Day: prejudice against AIDS? Peoples daily health.2018-12-no reprinting without permission and authorization of the author. Source: 39 editor in charge: Yu changzong_ NBJ11145

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