are you ready? Beijing Film Festival Exhibition will come

 are you ready? Beijing Film Festival Exhibition will come

Among them, iqiyi film will be used as the official exclusive network exhibition platform for the online exhibition part, while Beijing Satellite TV, BTV film and television, and BTV youth will be broadcast in different periods of time. Viewers who want to enjoy the best films anytime and anywhere just need to lock in the relevant channels and broadcasting platforms through mobile phones, tablet computers, TV and other devices during the exhibition period. They can participate in the exhibition activities of Beiying festival in synchronization with cloud no matter where they are.

The offline exhibition unit must be the most anticipated activity for fans who have been away from the cinema for half a year. Outdoor exhibition is a new attempt to enrich the forms of Beijing International Film Festival in recent years. In midsummer, under the night, the classic movie pictures will make people have a wonderful feeling of crossing time.

It is similar to the most popular film shows in China and abroad.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020