College students raped and killed three neighbor sisters to vent their desire and went to work normally after throwing their bodies

 College students raped and killed three neighbor sisters to vent their desire and went to work normally after throwing their bodies

On the night of February 10, 2009, the three sisters of Qin family, living in room 703, unit 3, block B, Jiazhou Huadu community, Daxue East Road, Nanning City, were brutally killed after being sexually assaulted by the opposite LAN Xincheng. Lanxincheng then moved the corpse back to his home for the dismemberment. Finally, the corpses were dumped in the back mountain of Yangguang new town community in Liangqing district. On April 29, the police finally cracked the case of three sisters dismemberment in Nanning.

On the night of the incident, the third sister and the fourth sister of the Qin family returned to their residence together. When the two sisters went into the house and closed the door, they found a dark shadow in the opposite room. The murderer LAN Xincheng came to the switch downstairs and turned off the switch in the girls room. Two sisters in the room suddenly power failure, Qin family three younger sister will open the door after the downstairs to check. At this time, the murderer took the opportunity to rush into the house, then closed the door, and went directly into the room to stab the fourth sister of the Qin family. Four younger sister faintly saw that the shadow was actually the opposite neighbor LAN Xincheng.

At this time, LAN Xincheng threatened four younger sisters not to make a sound. The injured four sisters of Qin family did not dare to move. A few minutes later, the third sister of the Qin family came back to knock on the door. LAN Xincheng opened the door and wanted to pull her in. Qins third sister felt that the situation was not good. She held the door frame with her hand and refused to go in. LAN Xincheng was worried that she would shout, so he stabbed her with a knife, pulled her into the room and closed the door again. The murderer tied the two sisters together to keep them silent.

At this time, the second sister of the Qin family was knocking at the door. She came to the two sisters house with a pile of clothes and washed them with a washing machine. LAN Xincheng gets his wish and kidnaps the second sister of the Qin family into the house. After successfully controlling the three sisters, LAN Xincheng sexually assaulted the three sisters of the Qin family. LAN Xincheng, who was completely irrational, was afraid that the matter would be revealed. Finally, he killed all the three sisters with a knife. The case of three sisters dismemberment broke out in Nanning. That night, the murderer dragged the bodies of the three sisters back to their homes one by one for cleaning up.

No one knew at the first time that the three sisters bodies were broken up in Nanning. In the next two days, LAN Xincheng cruelly shredded their bodies in his own home. Then he trampled around Nanning City, and then went home to use a kind of tubular woven bag to pack the corpses separately, and then transported them to the back mountain of Yangguang new town community in Liangqing district by motorcycles. Back home still leisurely, as if nothing had happened.

On February 12, Ms. Qin, a native of Xiangzhou, searched for her three sisters in Nanning without any clue, so she reported the case to the police. On the 16th, Nanning criminal police officially stepped in. On this day, after receiving a report, the police found 9 bags with stench in the back mountain. After examination, the bags contained corpses, which were the three sisters reported missing by Ms. Qin on February 12. Due to the sudden outbreak of the case, the three sisters have a wide range of communication, so it is difficult for the police to find out.

In late April, in the office of the ad hoc group, the investigators combed all kinds of materials that were familiar with in their hearts, and found doubts in the materials of LAN Xincheng. LAN Xincheng studied in a vocational college in 2004. The students in the college used this kind of tubular woven bag to hold quilts. LAN Xincheng lived opposite the scene of the crime. The task force also received an important message that Lan Xincheng worked in a cabinet store on Gucheng Road, but on the morning of February 11, he went to work late.

After 68 days of continuous and arduous fighting, Nanning police successfully cracked the case of three sisters dismemberment in Nanning on April 25, and arrested the suspect LAN Xincheng. At present, LAN Xincheng has confessed to his crime of killing and dismembering his body. In July 2009, at the first instance, the court held that Lan Xincheng intentionally and illegally deprived other peoples lives with cruel means and bad circumstances, and sentenced to death. After Lan was executed in July 2010, his father inherited the house.

Source: Tongchuan Procuratorate

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