Bill Gates denounced: the new crown of the United States test time is too long, completely rubbish

 Bill Gates denounced: the new crown of the United States test time is too long, completely rubbish

Bill Gates (source: Getty Images)

Overseas network, August 10 - Bill Gates (Bill Gates) on Friday (7) in an interview with wired magazine, bluntly denounced that most of the new crown tests in the United States are completely rubbish and waste.

In a lengthy interview published on Friday in Wired magazine, the billionaire Bill particularly criticized the U.S. virus detection system. Gates pointed out that most U.S. tests are completely rubbish because it takes a long time to get the results, and while people wait for the results, they are given a chance to get infected with the new coronavirus. It is reported that it usually takes more than a week for new coronavirus tests across the United States to get results, which frustrates public health authorities, which rely on timely test data.

When asked about the delay in the test results, gates pointed out that the U.S. approach was stupid and most of the tests in the United States are rubbish and wasted. Gates believes that there is a simple solution: medical providers should not be paid for testing until they have a result within 48 hours. Gates pointed out that because the federal government set up the reimbursement system and was unwilling to update it because it thought it was well done, the United States was still the only country in the world that wasted the most money on testing in August.

On the U.S. response, gates pointed out that the responsibility of the White House, fudge and the center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were basically clamped down from the beginning. Gates said Americans should pay attention to this while the U.S. is still in the middle of a pandemic. Since March, U.S. intelligence agencies have been sidelined. The White House did not allow the CDC to start work after March, which caused the United States to stagger a window period in the fight against the epidemic. As a result, differences between the United States and other countries / regions at subsequent stages, such as restarting the economy and wearing masks by the leadership, are not the fault of the CDC.

According to reports, Gates has repeatedly warned that the United States is not ready for a massive epidemic. For months, Gates has also been outspoken in criticizing the U.S. response to the epidemic, after saying he needed to work with other countries to improve testing and how his foundation could support vaccine development. As a result, gates himself has become the target of vaccine conspiracy theory attacks, which stems from his advocacy for a stronger response to the virus. (overseas network Hou Xingchuan)

Source of this article: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of overseas website_ NT2541