Who: the world novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases more than 19 million 460 thousand cases

 Who: the world novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases more than 19 million 460 thousand cases

Daylight saving time novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed at 19462112 (August 9th) in Beijing, and 722285 cases have been reported in the world, according to the latest real-time statistics from the World Health Organization. At 14:46 on the morning of 14:46 in Central Europe, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia was up to 10% in the world.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States has more than 5 million 30 thousand confirmed cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed an increase of 53361 cases in the past 24 hours and an increase of 670 cases of deaths in the same period of time.

Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan increased by 1351 cases, totaling 48817 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Japans NHK television reported that from 0 to 23:30 August 9th, 1351 new cases of confirmed pneumonia were diagnosed in Japan, and 48817 cases were confirmed. There were 4 new deaths, with a total of 1047 cases.

Italy novel coronavirus pneumonia increased 463 cases, 250566 cases were diagnosed.

According to the data released by the Italian Ministry of health, as of August 9, local time, 463 new coronavirus infections were reported in Italy, with a total of 250566 cases infected, 35205 cases died, 2 cases died, 202098 cases were cured and 151 cases were cured. There are 13263 confirmed cases, including 45 cases in intensive care.

Italys health minister Speranza told the media that the top priority at present is to ensure that all schools resume classes on September 14. Italy cant afford another full blockade, which will bring huge losses and should be avoided in any case.

On August 9th, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 6190 cases in Florida over the past 24 hours, and 77 cases of new deaths in Florida. This marks the 13th consecutive day that the state has reported more than 6000 new cases a day, according to CNN. According to the State Department of health, Florida has 532000 cases and reported 8186 deaths, the second highest in the United States, after California.

Biden: the novel coronavirus pneumonia case is over 5 million, incredible and heartache.

On August 9th, novel coronavirus pneumonia and Biden, a former vice president, issued a statement saying that the current US confirmed diagnosis of new crown pneumonia was more than 5 million cases, which is incredible and heartache. In the statement, Biden encouraged people to wear masks, saying: I know that for many people, we are experiencing unbearable losses, especially in the context of the continued downturn for several months. We must not give up, but. We have to follow the advice of scientific and medical experts, starting with wearing masks. Thats the basic way we can fight this virus. In the statement, Biden also criticized President Trumps response to the epidemic and said: we can still hear more excuses from Trump, which is to cover up his repeated failures of leadership, which have exacerbated the domestic epidemic and deepened our economic crisis.

Nearly 177 thousand cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Central Asia have been eased.

Photo source: detailed news network of Uzbekistan

The number of new confirmed cases per day from July 25 to August 9 showed that the epidemic situation in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan had eased, and only the number of new cases in Uzbekistan increased slowly from 592 to 812. In the other three countries, the number of confirmed cases per day decreased from 1494 to 872 in Kazakhstan, from 877 to 348 in Kyrgyzstan and from 46 to 40 in Tajikistan.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia case, Berdymukhamedov, who is in Turkmenistan, recently held a video call with WHO director general Tan Desai, saying that the Turkish government will continue to support WHOs work worldwide and will strengthen cooperation with the new prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Turkish President: eight vaccines are being developed to cope with the new coronal epidemic, one of which has entered the stage of clinical trial

According to Turkeys Ministry of health data, as of August 8 local time, 239622 cases had been diagnosed and 5829 cases had died. Recently, the number of new confirmed cases in Turkey is on the rise. Since August 4, Turkey has returned to more than 1000 new confirmed cases in a single day.

Ohio governors false positive results ring the alarm of detection methods

In an interview with CNN on August 9, local time, Ohio Governor Mike Devine said that his false positive test results sounded the alarm bell for new coronavirus detection methods, and state officials must be very cautious about increasing rapid antigen testing. Before Devine was positive for rapid antigen test, he received two PCR diagnostic tests (polymerase chain reaction), and the results were negative. Weve seen in my new crown test how careful it is to use antigen testing, and its also a wake-up call that were going to be more careful with antigen testing, he said

Devine called the PCR diagnostic tests used in Ohio and the United States to be very reliable, but the antigen tests he tested positive last week were quite new. he said: I dont think people should conclude from my experience that the tests are unreliable or unworkable. The antigenic tests I do should actually be considered screening tests. People have to understand that this test can give false positive results or false negative results.

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