MSCI will announce the quarterly index review results in August, with 3 characteristics of concept stocks differentiation

 MSCI will announce the quarterly index review results in August, with 3 characteristics of concept stocks differentiation

Securities Daily reporter statistics found that last week, 180 MSCI concept stocks outperformed the 1.33% weekly increase of Shanghai stock index in the same period, accounting for 37.3%. Among them, Junzheng group, Hangfa power and other two concept stocks had a weekly increase of more than 30%, 39.36% and 38.9% respectively, followed by 13 concept stocks including jintanglang, AVIC electronics, GCL integration, Zhongzhi shares and Hangfa control, with weekly gains of more than 20%.

Secondly, the change of MSCI concept stock price is affected by capital inflow and outflow.

Reporter statistics found that last week, 144 MSCI concept stocks showed a large single net inflow of funds, of which, China Merchants Bank, Haier Zhijia, Zijin Mining and other three concept stocks had accumulated net capital inflow of more than 1 billion yuan, respectively 1.65 billion yuan, 1.35 billion yuan and 1.02 billion yuan. In addition, 339 MSCI concept stocks showed a large net outflow of funds. Among them, 29 stocks had net capital outflow of more than 1 billion yuan during the period, and Fosun Pharmaceutical and CAITONG securities ranked first, with 6.63 billion yuan and 4.04 billion yuan respectively.

Judging from the change range of the forecast net profit in the interim report, the net profit of five companies, including muyuan shares, Dabei agriculture, ofiguang, lens technology and Daan gene, is expected to increase by more than 10 times in the first half of the year. In sharp contrast, the net profits of meinian health and GCL integration in the first half of the year are expected to drop by more than 10 times.

In the face of the MSCI plate, where are the investment opportunities in the future? Wang Yanglin, manager of Yibo investment fund, told Securities Daily that at present, China is the worlds second largest economy, the largest developing country and the country with the largest population. In the foreseeable future 20 years, engineer bonus will still drive Chinas economy to maintain high quality and rapid growth, and consumption and innovation will be the main driving forces of Chinas economy. In this context, China is expected to continue to attract foreign capital inflows. MSCIs underlying stocks are mainly medium and large cap stocks with good liquidity. It is suggested that investors should find excellent targets with reasonable valuation and growth for long-term allocation.

Recently, Wei Zhen, director of Asia Pacific Index Solutions Research Department of Mingsheng MSCI, a well-known financial service provider, believes that as of the end of June 2020, the market value of a shares held by northbound funds exceeded 1.7 trillion yuan. Compared with this value, the recent continuous outflow is also very normal.

At the same time, pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Central South University of finance, economics and law, who was interviewed by the Securities Daily, also said: the stability and certainty of Chinas economy are attractive to foreign investment, so the inflow of foreign capital will be accelerated.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425