Tiktoks adventure in the United States

 Tiktoks adventure in the United States

On August 6th, Trump signed the presidential executive order, setting a 45 day deadline for the tiktok overseas version of TikTok. After 45 days, U.S. individuals or entities will be prohibited from engaging in any transaction with tiktok, wechat and its Chinese parent company. However, what does the so-called transaction really mean is not specified in the administrative order.

Washington Post: it may mean that Americans cant work for tiktok, or apple store and Google store cant download tiktok. We dont know what that means.

Recently, trump has repeatedly claimed that all mobile applications developed by Chinese companies pose a threat to the national security of the United States.

On July 29, tiktok CEO Mayer responded that tiktok was registered in the United States, and all the top management of the company was held by Americans. All data of U.S. users were stored in the database in Virginia, USA, and only had backup in Singapore. Tiktok has never and will not provide user information to the Chinese government.

He also said that in order to prove his innocence, he is willing to show the core algorithm of tiktok data collection to the US Foreign Investment Commission, which is responsible for the supervision of foreign enterprises.

Tiktok U.S. General Manager papas: our mobile app is the most secure, we know how to do the right thing... Tiktoks 1500 employees work hard every day to create 10000 jobs in the United States in the next three years.

In August 2017, TikTok entered the US market, and then the parent tiktok of the chattering company bought the short video sharing website in the US for 1 billion US dollars. Musical.ly The next year Musical.ly A new version, tiktok TikTok, is now released, and its customers are mainly young people.

In just three years, tiktok has become popular in the United States, with an annual growth rate of 376%. In Japan, Brazil, Russia and other countries, tiktok also ranked first in the local app store and Google play downloads.

Born in 1990, Zach king is one of tiktoks best-known bloggers, with more than 45 million followers following him. He uses video editing on tiktok to make the work look like magic.

Tiktok blogger Zach King: what we see is a new style of humor, which is different from painting on vine or long videos on YouTube. Its a culture of expression packages. People create emoticons according to their preferences. What I like about it is that if you look at these short videos carefully, you will find that there is deep humor in them. It is a trend.

Tiktoks user base is mainly millennials like Zach king, as well as younger generation Z teenagers.

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. Generation Z, also known as the Internet generation, refers to the younger teenagers born between 1995 and 2009.

Jitter users: tiktok must vote in November so that we can drive Trump away.

Tiktok: I want to vote for Biden.

Like all the popular applications in the world, the tiktok platform also has political content.

In June of this year, trump has been coordinated by tiktok users.

Tiktok user: I suggest all those who want to see 19000 seats empty, grab tickets now and dont show up. What do you think of this idea?

Tiktok user: my God, I got the ticket for the trump rally. Its a surprise, but I wont go.

In the end, the attendance rate of the trump campaign rally was less than 33%, and trump was furious at the large number of vacant blue seats in the venue.

A month later, trump announced the ban on tiktok.

Tiktok user: I dont think its a coincidence. After the election rally in Tulsa was ruined, trump suddenly banned tiktok.

On several occasions, trump also made no secret of his antipathy to tiktok.

US President Trump: my friends called after they learned that I was going to ban tiktok. Their children love playing tiktok, but my friends dont like it. Because of tiktok, they cant even see their children.

In addition to trumps complaints about tiktok, tiktok, which is popular among US users, has also upset Facebook, the social media leader.

In May this year, after Freud, a black man, was killed by a white policeman on his knees, protests against racial discrimination broke out in hundreds of American cities. On tiktok, a forum called the life of a black man is also a life, with a total of 18.1 billion visitors.

Al Jazeera TV anchor: an entertainment social software, political influence has become more and more big.

In the United States, Facebook is the most politically influential social media platform.

Facebook is not only Trumps main platform for political advertising, but the extraordinary personal relationship between trump and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is no secret.

U.S. President Trump: Im on Facebook.

U.S. President Trump: (January 2020), I ranked No. 1 on facebook... If Zuckerberg is going to run for president one day, I wont be too surprised. He (Zuckerberg) has this ambition.

Since the end of 2015, Facebook has repeatedly reduced Trumps bottom line of political advertising. According to the Washington Post, Facebook did nothing to deal with Trumps hate propaganda political ads, leading to the abuse of social media by politicians.

As we all know, Facebooks more serious political interference behavior is that in 2018, as many as 87 million Facebook users information was obtained and maliciously used by the consulting company Cambridge analysis.

Al Jazeera: in 2018, the Cambridge data analysis company stole tens of millions of us user information from Facebook, which was used to launch a psychological war against voters in swing states, cleverly inducing these voters to vote for trump, who was running in 2016.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Facebook didnt do enough in 2018, which is a big mistake.

At present, as the leader of social media, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users, reaching about a third of the global audience. Zuckerberg also acquired instagram and WhatsApp, and then acquired oculus, a VR technology company.

Four of the top six apps on the global social media downloads list in April 2020 are owned by Facebook. Its monopoly position is self-evident.

Hughes, co-founder of Facebook: in May 2019, many companies were unable to fight back against Facebook, and they couldnt get shelter. Monopoly makes innovation disappear. Facebooks way to win is to buy competitors before they become stronger or copy competitors innovation achievements. Some start-ups get considerable investment and attention. However, since 2011, no large social platform has survived.

Washington State congressman jayapar: how many competitors have Facebook copied?

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Madam congressman, I cant give you the number of companies.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: I dont know, congressman.

Washington State congressman jayapar: less than 50? In my opinion, Facebook is a typical monopoly power. Your company collects and cashes our data, and then uses it to monitor competitors, copy, acquire and kill competitors.

Tiktok is Facebooks rival for trying to copy and strangle, because Facebook doesnt work on short video applications.

In November 2018, Facebook failed to launch Lasso, a short video app. This year, instagram launched another application, reels. Whether its software pages, video editing and special effects, reels is like a fake version of tiktok.

Tiktok CEO Mayer said on his website that Facebook is a copycat that keeps copying competitors.

On July 29, tiktok CEO Mayer accused Facebook of trying to drive tiktok out of the market in an unfair way under the guise of patriotism.

A snipe and a clam fight for each other.

For now, tiktoks biggest potential buyer is likely to be technology giant Microsoft, according to business insider. Microsoft is not only strong, but is not facing an antitrust investigation from the US Congress like Facebook, Google, Amazon and apple.

According to reports, the final acquisition price of Microsoft may be only $10 billion to $30 billion, while tiktoks market value is currently more than $75 billion. For Microsoft, this is obviously a good deal.

However, the US technology media, namely, pointed out that Microsoft has not been good at running social applications that need to face consumers. From the withered chat software MSN to Skype and LinkedIn, the performance is mediocre. Tiktok, which is acquired by Microsoft, is likely to turn from prosperity to decline and lose competitiveness.

Therefore, the Washington Post thinks that all this may be what trump wants: to let Microsoft screw up tiktok can not only help Zuckerberg and his Facebook company, but also weaken the ability of young voters to use the tiktok platform to gather strength and deal with trump.

Regarding the tiktok incident, Adam Segal / Council on foreign relations, director of the US Council on foreign relations, commented: I dont think the data of dancing for 15-year-old children have much to do with national security. Banning tiktok without concrete evidence shows the trump governments inferior response to the fact that China has risen in the field of science and technology.

According to the Washington Post, the trump administrations protection of Facebook, Google and other domestic enterprises under the banner of national security is tantamount to opening a Pandoras box, which may lead to endless troubles.

(editor Yang Yalan)