Henan 1 key project invites partner: 4970 people cheat for 900percent income

 Henan 1 key project invites partner: 4970 people cheat for 900percent income

A retired cadre at the deputy department level of the city pointed out that the relevant functional departments, based on the fact that the town is a project vigorously promoted by the government, lacks daily supervision, leading to non sucking incidents and damaging the credibility of the government.

How to compensate for the loss? How to promote the construction of small towns? These two issues consider the official wisdom of Luohe.

A screenshot of the image of Huahai wedding town after snow. Photos provided by interviewees

Projects highly valued by urban leaders at two levels

Xueji Huahai town is located near Yangshan Road, Zhaoling Town, Zhaoling District, Luohe City. The investor is Luohe Hesheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hesheng agriculture).

According to the registration confirmation of enterprise investment projects in Henan Province (No. (2017) 04339), the construction period of the town is from February 2017 to January 2019, covering an area of 1200 mu. It will be built into an ecological park area integrating hot spring hotel, wedding ceremony and ecological agriculture sightseeing.

The last sentence of the image propaganda film of the town is: This is a wedding town of snow and flowers, with outstanding culture, rich business forms, ecological self-care, beautiful shape, favorable weather, favorable land, enjoying peoples harmony, meeting peoples pursuit of spiritual culture, at the same time, it will become Luohes brilliant city card.

The local government attaches great importance to this business card.

The minutes of the meeting (2017) No. 7 of the peoples Government of Zhaoling District, Luohe City, stated that on the afternoon of March 9, 2017, the district chief and deputy district chief led the district cultural and Tourism Bureau, the district urban and Rural Development Bureau and other units to work in the small town to study and solve the project construction problems. The minutes of the meeting are as follows: accelerate the project approval, adjust the project planning, accelerate the project promotion, strive for financial support, and implement the key project service Working system of the task force. According to the meeting, the relevant departments at all levels in the region should fully understand the significance of the town to the urban construction and the development of tertiary industry in our district, so as to promote the early construction and image of the project.

Luohe Daily reported that on November 15, 2017, a male vice mayor of Luohe City and his party first went to the town to inspect the construction of the project.

Zhaoling Town, Zhaoling District, once announced that on April 9, 2018, a female vice mayor of Luohe City and his party went to the town to investigate the project site, accompanied by district leaders, district agriculture and Forestry Bureau, animal husbandry bureau and forestry technology station.

According to online records of Luohe Municipal Peoples government, on May 10, 2019, the Secretary of Luohe municipal Party committee announced the opening of the 6th national automobile field cross-country Professional League of China Luohe snow Ji flower sea Cup in 2019, and municipal leaders attended the departure ceremony.

Leaders attach importance to the importance of the town to the development of the citys tertiary industry, while Hesheng agriculture, the investor of the town, values the market prospect.

The company announced that Luohe Citys wedding market share is nearly 1.5 billion yuan every year. If the town radiates to the whole province and even the whole country through the Internet, it will consume billions of yuan a year.

On March 9, 2017, the government of Zhaoling District of Luohe City held a meeting, calling for the construction of Huahai town. Remake / Shen Du, an upstream journalist

Return on investment with annual return of 900%

The project filing confirmation also states that the total investment of the town is 80 million yuan, including 50 million yuan raised by enterprises. How to raise money by oneself? Hesheng agriculture and Changjia science and technology began to work non sucking.

In March 2018, Mr. Wang saw a message in the wechat group: the town is a key project of Henan Province in 2016, and a key project of Luohe municipal government. Now Changjia technology is authorized to recruit 500000-1000000 partners from all over the country. If you spend 1000-3000 yuan in Changjia technology, you can get the qualification of partner. In the early stage, they shared the dividends released by the enterprises of the small town. In the later stage, they participated in the construction of phase 2 and phase 3 projects of the town, owned the shares of the town, and became the owner of the town and received the dividends of the town for a long time.

At the same time, the news also issued Changjia science and technology income statement: invest 1500 yuan, become a junior partner, no income; after investing 1500 yuan, invest another 3000 yuan to become an intermediate partner, with daily interest of 3%, 3000 u00d7 3% = 90 yuan a day, minus 10% of the points, that is, 90-90 u00d7 10% = 81 yuan a day; in a 7-day round, it is: 81 yuan u00d7 7 days = 567 yuan, after deducting 30 yuan of the list currency, it is 567-30 = 537 yuan, Four rounds can be made in one month, that is: 537 yuan u00d7 4 rounds = 2148 yuan; 3000 yuan of investment makes a net profit of 2148 yuan a month; by analogy, another 9000 yuan is invested to become a senior partner, making a net profit of 6444 yuan a month; another 30000 yuan to become a strategic partner, making a net profit of 21480 yuan a month.

On August 6, a bank staff member told upstream journalists that by this standard, the annual yield is as high as 900%.

Mr. Wang didnt believe such a high profit, but after a field trip and after listening to the team leaders introduction, he still voted.

Several videos obtained by upstream journalists show that Mr. Wang and other potential partners come to the construction site of the town. Changjia science and technology staff point to the birds-eye view of the town and tell them that the sand on the lakeside beach is the sea sand transported from Hainan. Walking on it, you can feel the customs of the coastal city. This is a European church, and a priest will be invited from abroad to prepare for the wedding Courtesy

In the meeting room, the team leader of Changjia science and Technology Group vigorously recommended it to the partners. After the team leader finished, Gao Guozhen, the controller of Changjia science and technology, said that the town is a key project in Luohe City, and the investment will be guaranteed.

On August 7, Mr. Wang, 51, told the upstream news reporter that he did not believe in profiteering and false propaganda, but believed in Gao Guozhens key projects in the city. If you invest money in projects that are valued by the city, you will be able to keep the capital even if it is not good enough.

Thousands of people lost their lives

The annual yield of 900% of absorbing reserves is doomed to collapse.

Mr. Wang introduced that on May 14, 2018, he paid 1500 yuan to Changjia technology and received a necklace worth only 38 yuan on the online shopping platform, becoming a junior partner. Not two days later, he paid 9000 yuan and became an intermediate partner. At the beginning of July 2018, he received a profit of about 6000 yuan. Reasonably speaking, the intermediate partner has 6444 yuan a month. He only 6000 yuan a month and a half, which is due to single collision.

Mr. Wang explained that it was only after paying the money that he realized that it was only possible in theory to return to four rounds a month. When the return is made every 7 days, it is not returned to everyone. Only those members who have successfully hit the order are eligible. Its like a lucky draw, and the talent you win will be rewarded.

Mr. Wang said that in mid July 2018, his team leader told him that in order to increase the probability of single hit success, he could put in another 9000 yuan. Thinking that he had recovered the cost of 6000 yuan, he added 9000 yuan. After the additional funds, Mr. Wang has no income. So far, he has lost about 13000 yuan.

Upstream news reporters learned that by the end of July 2018, Changjia technology would no longer return income to its members, and thousands of people lost their money. Among them, Ms. Cheng invested more than 80000 yuan and lost more than 70000 yuan; Ms. Liu invested 300000 yuan and lost 260000 yuan.

But there are also exceptions. Mr. Jiang invested 39500 yuan in early February 2018, and by the end of July, he made more than 10000 yuan.

Unable to return the member income, Changjia technology tried to survive by changing its name.

Several investors told the upstream news reporters that the above investment was completed through app. After failing to return the revenue at the end of July 2018, Changjia technology changed the name of app to mall, and can purchase goods with points. Soon, the name was changed again. When we changed the name, we talked about the business adjustment, which was soon restored.

The above-mentioned bank staff pointed out that when the small town is still unable to make profits, the mode of Changjia technology development members is the Ponzi scheme, which uses the money of new investors to pay interest and short-term returns to old investors, so as to create the illusion of making money and then cheat more investment.

On July 29, the peoples Court of Linying County in Luohe ruled that Gaos father and son committed the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits. Remake / Shen Du, an upstream journalist

After the collapse, Gao Guozhen, the actual controller of Changjia technology, and Gao Shaotang, the legal representative, were detained on July 10, 2019.

Since then, gaojichang has made a decision to recruit a certain amount of investment in gaohuazhen town in the name of gaohuazhen, which has not been approved by the State Department of science and technology People put in 9000 yuan to become a partner and promised to earn 3% per day. After that, they asked investors to invest 6000 yuan for upgrading. They promised that each persons share of 15000 yuan was still 3% per day.

During the period, the investment platform was changed to Huayu mall and Mingxiang street new retail, and the capital chain was broken, unable to cash the principal and income of investors. According to the audit, the platform absorbed 5249 funds from 4970 people, including Li and Wang. The amount invested by the fund-raising participants was more than 57 million yuan, resulting in a total loss of more than 20 million yuan.

Gao Guozhen, 54, and Gao Shaotang, 33, are father and son. On July 29, the Linying County Court of Luohe City ruled that Gao Guozhen had committed the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits and was sentenced for 7 years and 6 months. Gao Shaotang was sentenced to six years and six months for illegally absorbing public deposits. The two people returned the compensation for the loss of each fund-raising participant.

As for the judgment, the investors interviewed said that the court decision omitted 30000 yuan of strategic partners, and there were more than 4970 unspecified personnel. On August 7, a staff member of Linying county court said that they would feed back the demands of the injured to the leaders.

In addition, the upstream news reporters learned that although the legal representative of Hesheng agriculture had been changed several times, Gao Shaohua, a relative of Gao Guozhen, had absolute right to speak. At present, Gao Shaohua cant be contacted by anyone with investment losses.

On August 8, a retired cadre at the deputy department level of Luohe City told the upstream news reporters that the original intention of the two-level governments in the urban area to build a small town was worth affirming, but they did not seriously investigate the capital strength of the investors, and they were eager for quick success and instant profits during the construction. The relevant functional departments were based on the fact that the town was a project vigorously promoted by the government, and the daily supervision was not effective, leading to non sucking incidents. Gao Guozhen and his son, who were sentenced, have no ability to pay compensation. Because of the involvement of key projects in the city, the credibility of the government has been damaged.

Luohe City Zhaoling district government officials said that they will actively communicate with the representatives of the damaged investors and properly deal with them.