Acrobats 8-meter-high flywheel fell to death

 Acrobats 8-meter-high flywheel fell to death

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A young man in black demonstrated with a black snake and a chicken on the fair day. After being bitten, the man in black fell to the ground and the police of the police station and the medical staff of Pingyang Town Health Center went to the scene for disposal. Medical staff carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other rescue measures for the man at the scene. In the video, a crowd voiceover said, he played with snakes and said his medicine was much better, but he was bitten to death by a snake.

According to local people, because today is the local fair day, the man selling snake medicine set up a stall to sell snake medicine in the street. In order to prove the efficacy of his snake medicine, the man carried out a performance with a rooster and a poisonous snake. Unexpectedly, due to careless operation, the king cobra used for performance suddenly bit the mans ear.

It wasnt long before the man fell to the ground. After the crowd found out, they immediately called the local health center and police station for help. The local medical staff and the local police station were on the scene. However, it is a pity that after the rescue of medical staff, the man is still unfortunately dead.

In the canal commercial building on Hushu North Road, a man and a woman fell into the water. Later, the masses called the police and the police came to rescue them. The men vomited and the women did not breathe. Later, they were sent to Xinhua Hospital. The situation is also very complicated. I heard that there was an electric shock in the river. When the police went down to rescue the people, they were also electrified.

At 8:30 in the morning, the reporter arrived at the scene. Near the riverside of Fangyun River in Qianlong County, police and electricians were doing on-the-spot investigation. They were looking for the power line of electric leakage. They pulled up the cables in the water and checked them one by one. So far, the source of the leakage has not been found.

Mr. Meng, a passer-by, said that he passed near Qianlong boat at about 4:00 a.m. when he saw the noise, he came close to see it. The fire control and police were all there. The man was vomiting when he was fishing. Someone gave the girl cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but he didnt respond. After 120, he was sent to Xinhua Hospital. Mr. Meng heard people watching the rescue said, men and women drink wine, the woman fell into the water first, and the man also fell into the water. The woman fell into the river and sank into the mud. There was no one to see, and the man could only see a head.

Shi Jun, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at Xinhua Hospital, told reporters that the girls breath and heartbeat disappeared when she was delivered in the early morning. She was rescued for an hour and finally died of no effect. The two rescuers were injured by electricity and were not in danger for the time being, but further observation is needed.