The anxiety of outdated hegemony and pan security threaten the global business environment

 The anxiety of outdated hegemony and pan security threaten the global business environment

At the national level as a whole, the hegemonic pillars of the United States, whether it is science and technology, military, or finance, can not play an effective role in the face of the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic. From the perspective of the personal needs of American leaders, facing the impending election date in 2020, we must take actions with full impact and confusion to ensure that voters attention is focused It will lead to the so-called positive direction qualitatively, and win the support needed by the election by shaping tough people and deceiving resonance of psychology and emotion.

When this kind of scenario appears, it means that, at the macro level, Hegemonys fear of its own final irreversible continuous decline, anxiety caused by its inability to effectively contain potential competitors, and its addictive demand for the political effects of using pan security to create economic and trade conflicts have jointly contributed to the constant repetition of outdated hegemony that is incompatible with todays timesu201c Self defeating.

In this process, the actors who witness history, especially those chosen by history as the next major center, should be braver and more cautious. In the end, whether it is the passage of time or the development of practice, it will prove that only by complying with the endogenous law of transnational economic activities, and with more active and effective multi-party coordination and cooperation, can countries hedge against the troubles caused by unilateral actions of outdated hegemony. While maintaining the bottom line and the red line, we should focus our real energy on major issues such as sustainable development, and continue to move forward in the correct direction of historical progress.

(Shen Yi, director of international governance research base of cyberspace, Fudan University)