Q & A: what mistakes should the US side correct in maintaining and stabilizing Sino US relations

 Q & A: what mistakes should the US side correct in maintaining and stabilizing Sino US relations

They boast of fairness over and over again, but they plan and implement interference in other countries internal affairs over and over again; while promising to open up the market and declare fair competition, on the other hand, they carry out technological hegemony.

From Iran to Venezuela to Europe, the long arm jurisdiction of the United States is rampant everywhere, damaging the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of other countries and undermining the economic and social development of other countries.

Stuart Patrick, a senior fellow of the American Foreign Affairs Association, made a penetrating comment: the US government has replaced the rule of law with jungle law, and the US hegemony has changed to vicious hegemony.

Amre Mekdad, an expert on China in Syria, said that the US side is fully responsible for the continuous tension in Sino US relations. Some American politicians ignore the international rules and the mutual trust and cooperation established by China and the United States for a long time, trying to cover up the failure of their own governance by suppressing China. This fully exposes the hegemonic nature of the United States.

We should not distort and negate history

In his speech, pompeio made groundless accusations on Chinas domestic and foreign policies, claiming that the U.S. policy of engagement with China has failed..

Chinas development achievements today are not bestowed by the US contact policy, but realized by the hard work of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. In recent years, polls conducted by many international organizations have shown that the Chinese people are satisfied with their choices - they have more than 90% trust in the government.

Pompeios remarks also highlight his ignorance of history. More than 40 years ago, Sino US relations opened a new page. Then US President Nixon once said that today we come together not because we have common beliefs, but because we have common interests and common hopes Each of us has the hope of establishing a new world order with mutual differences but mutual respect. .

Richard Haas, President of the American Foreign Affairs Association, pointed out the absurdity of pompeios remarks: the problem is not only that the chief U.S. diplomat has no diplomatic strategy, but whats worse is that he distorts history and fails to elaborate a logical and practical way to deal with the bilateral relations that have the greatest impact on our times.

In the view of Fu Limin, a former senior US diplomat, changing Chinas political system has never been the intention of the contact policy. Pompeios assertion that the US policy of engagement with China failed is a complete distortion of history and reality.

Sino US relations are facing a new international and domestic environment. In this context, the correct attitude to maintain and stabilize bilateral relations should be to respect history, keep pace with the times, carry forward the past and open the future, instead of distorting history, denying history and reversing history.

Cooperation, not confrontation, is needed

Recently, the United States has done two opposite things: one is busy breaking the treaty and retiring from the group, making this administration the largest number of US government to withdraw from international treaties; the other is busy helping and uniting to stir up various so-called alliances in an attempt to isolate China.

The article on German foreign policy website said that for more than three years, the Secretary of state of a country that has always despised the multilateral system is now calling for the establishment of a broad Anti China Alliance, which is a great irony.

Behind the bad behavior of the United States, it is the standard of its own priority to carry out unilateralism and hegemonism to the extreme and abandon international responsibility and multilateral rules. Christina bier, editor in chief of the French newspaper new solidarity, said that at present, the United States act of hindering coordination and cooperation among countries has become a dangerous factor for world peace and development.

From the victory of the anti fascist war 75 years ago to todays new epidemic examination, it has been proved that human beings are a community of common destiny and share common responsibilities, and they need to work together to meet the challenges. Sino US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world today. The choices made by China and the United States today will not only affect the relations between the two countries, but also affect the future of the world. The United States must realize that world peace and stability require cooperation, not confrontation, between the United States and China.

It is believed that countries and nations with independent judgment will choose to stand on the right side of history, whether to split the world by ideological confrontation, or to build a community of common destiny for mankind beyond the differences of different systems.