The mirror of observing the epidemic situation in North America shows two United States

 The mirror of observing the epidemic situation in North America shows two United States

This years steggies motorcycle assembly (photo from Getty)

Since July 7, thousands of motorcyclists have flocked to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual motorcycle convention, which began in 1938 as the annual carnival for American motorcycle enthusiasts. This year, the 10 day event is expected to attract about 250000 people and will be one of the largest crowd gatherings in the United States since the outbreak.

The bar in Sturgis is packed with foreign motorcyclists (photo from the Associated Press)

The streets are packed with Halley Davidson and trump 2020 campaign logos everywhere. Someone was wearing a black T-shirt that said, hell with the new coronavirus. I went to Sturges.. They dont have masks in their gear, and they dont care about the rules of social alienation. The New York Times reporter wrote.

Left: the T-shirt sold in the shop reads: I have survived the new crown; right: foreign tourists tell the media that they have not taken any anti epidemic measures

To encourage the local government to participate in the Congress.

However, local residents are worried about their own safety, and many health experts have warned that these drivers from all over the world are like virus diffusers. Foreign drivers scoffed at it, and Jim Busch said: I think the tension is artificial and there are ulterior motives behind it.

Compared with motorcyclists seeing death as home, some teachers parting in life and death is more solemn and stirring.

In order to protest against the rush to resume classes in the autumn, teachers in many places in the United States have adopted an extreme way to express their dissatisfaction -- writing their obituaries before school starts.

u25b3 template of personal obituaries for teachers provided by the Arizona Teachers Union

Whitney Reddick, a public school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida, read out his obituary in front of the media

With deep sorrow, I announce the death of Whitney ray Reddick. On August 7, 2020, at Duval County Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, she left us alone on a ventilator...

Video: Reddick choked when he read his obituary

Earlier this month, a group of teachers in Iowa sent their obituaries to the governor, hoping to alert officials to consider resuming classes. As an old teacher, Sarah BACKSTROM said it was the first time she was afraid to go back to the classroom. I really cant take it lightly, she told CNN. I really hope the governor can read it. If anything happens to me, this person will be gone.

Sarah Beckstrom

Sarah loves her family and friends with all her heart, Beckstrom wrote in her obituary. Her smile is infectious and often brings unexpected jokes. Even in the darkest hours, she can always find sunlight

The epidemic automatically divided the United States into two camps

Carnival motorcyclists and teachers protesting the resumption of classes together support the current reality in the United States - the epidemic has automatically divided people into two camps, some dismissive and others distressed, as if there was a gap separating people from the same country.

Now, many Americans believe that the epidemic has been exaggerated or even fabricated by scientists and mainstream media, the Washington Post said. Resistance to scientific expertise has developed into a conspiracy theory that experts lie as part of the political agenda.

The federal government has contributed a lot to this situation.

In addition to political calculation, the American tradition of individualism is also an important driving force for social division.

The New York Times commented that the tradition of the United States is to place individualism above government restrictions. This tradition is one of the causes of inequality in the American health care system. As Americans, I have to say that our liberal tradition has many advantages, said Jared baeten, associate dean of the school of public health at the University of Washington But as a result, were not as successful as collective action.

The infectious disease expert fudge should have deep feelings about this.

In an interview with CNN on July 7, Fudge called on Americans to unite to fight the epidemic. But fudge also revealed a trace of weakness. He said he would repeatedly emphasize the basic principles of epidemic prevention, such as wearing masks and avoiding gathering, until he was exhausted.

(CCTV reporter Wang Fengzhi)