Who did the New York epidemic poster hit?

 Who did the New York epidemic poster hit?

Strong New York poster

Governor Cuomo likes to compare the course of New Yorks new crown epidemic to climbing a mountain, so the main body of the poster is a mountain. In different parts of the mountain, the important events at that time were marked.

At the top of the poster, it shows that New York State has required the wearing of masks with nose and mouth covering in public since April 17. Hilltop is, of course, a turning point in New York. It also means that masks, once rejected by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention and at all levels of government, have been recognized by the state of New York and play a crucial role in the prevention of the disease.

Unfortunately, at a time when the epidemic is rising in other parts of the United States, the White House is still reluctant to ask people to wear masks. President trump and vice president burns finally put on masks after a long time. However, the White House has so far refused to issue an administrative order on wearing masks in public places across the country, believing that this hinders public freedom. Perhaps, should we consider that other people have the freedom to refuse to be infected by the virus?

Around the poster mountain, there are also images that can be said to be outside New York state.

The words January to March, 3 million Europeans and new coronavirus were written on one plane, implying that the new coronavirus in New York was actually from Europe. It is too late for the federal government to boast that it has issued a travel ban in Europe.

If thats suggestive, then the little blonde sitting on the moon says, its just flu. its just plain. At the beginning of the epidemic, U.S. President trump, from just flu to Im taking hydroxychloroquine, from injection of disinfectant to children can be immunized, there have been a lot of misinformation or misleading information, which can be said to be a hindrance to the control of the epidemic situation in the United States. It is no wonder that Como has made it clear at the press conference that trump is the accomplice of the new coronavirus.

This poster gives New Yorkers a positive attitude towards epidemic prevention, but it has to be admitted that New York State also has the suspicion of throwing off the pot.

First of all, the reason why New York has become a disaster area is also related to the lack of attention paid to it in the early stage. On March 5, five days after the first confirmed case in New York City, New York City Mayor debrasio also personally went to the subway in New York to show it, saying that taking the subway is very safe, we do not need to take special protective measures.

Debrassio encouraged the public not to be afraid of the virus and maintain a normal life

However, on March 14, nine days later, at a meeting with foreign missions, New York City admitted that there was a community infection in New York City. Everyone should assume that they have been in contact with the virus. That is to say, just a week later, New York City has given up preventing the spread of the virus. On March 20, two weeks after the mayors show, New York announced the strictest home restrictions, requiring people to be isolated directly at home.

Second, New York is still the largest area in the United States to die from new coronavirus infection. On the one hand, New York is the area where the new coronavirus first spread and lacks experience. In addition, the nursing homes in New York have become the place where the new coronavirus is mercilessly rampant. However, the nursing home is not mentioned in this poster.

Forget politics, but it is politics in itself.

Fudge used the boating team as a metaphor for Americas response to the new coronavirus. He pointed out that if you want to win the competition, all participants have to be at the same pace. The United States often leaves decision-making power at the local level, according to fouch. The response of each state and city to the new coronavirus is very different. Therefore, the real problem lies in the fact that the national anti epidemic work cannot be consistent.

This poster also shows that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, the federal government and the state government have not come together to fight against the epidemic. The novel coronavirus pneumonia situation will remain severe if politics continues to affect the policy and process of the United States coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Because, its like a bucket of water. No matter how well the tallest board is now, the full water will overflow from the lowest board. (CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)