The director of only thirty responds to the controversy: its not a comedy, it doesnt define women

 The director of only thirty responds to the controversy: its not a comedy, it doesnt define women

In response to Gu Jias cheating husband Xu Huashans aftermath of the fireworks factory explosion, Zhang Xiaobo responded: what we created is really not a good drama. What we want to do is to reflect the reality of the couple. In reality, problems in marriage cant be solved in a satisfactory way. Of course, I also understand the mentality of netizens watching the drama. After all, there is no happy ending. Gu Jia is a very rational person and also very upright. So the fireworks factory exploded, and Xu Mengshan went to prison as a legal person. Gu Jia said that this time, Xu Huashan would bear the responsibility of herself, but she would not ignore the factory workers. In Gu Jias opinion, it was not for Xu Huashan to pay, it was her responsibility as an enterprise manager. This sense of responsibility is regardless of gender.

As for Zhong Xiaoqin, who was not rich enough to buy a house for her mother-in-law with royalties, Zhang Xiaobo explained: no matter what she does with the money, its her personal choice. It is her freedom to go to the shopping mall to buy and buy. She wants to settle down Chen Yus mother, so she uses her own name to buy the B & B run by her mother-in-law, so that she can have a stable life to rely on and is also her freedom to control her income.

In addition to the three leading actresses, Xu Huashan is the rogue man, Chen Yu, the straight man who does not understand the customs and feelings, Liang Zhengxian, the Sea King, and Zhong Xiaoyang, the playful brother Almost all the male characters also poke the topic and trigger discussion. When talking about the intention of male characters, Zhang Xiaobo said: the important part of female theme is male, we all focus on the description of pen and ink. The main men are not green leaves to set off, they have their personality characteristics

Zhang Yuefas article tells Belin: what kind of role is worth taking care of. The score of thirty just has dropped below 7. The female inspirational theme has finally become the selling anxiety. The sample film of thirty just has been leaked. The producer has collected evidence and called the police. Source: - Beijing Youth Daily responsible editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345