Li Guoqing: Yu Yu asks his son to sue his parents for no bottom line

 Li Guoqing: Yu Yu asks his son to sue his parents for no bottom line

These days, because of the complicated feelings of the lawsuit, it also had some impact on the work. I simply stopped studying in business school to prepare lessons in the morning and evening, and took time to straighten out the affairs with Yu Yu.

1u3001 Through holding on behalf of the lawsuit, it is possible to divide part of the common property of husband and wife first. If successful, it will be very helpful to keep Yu Yus control in Dangdang. For this reason, Yu Yu did not hesitate to pay the price that the relationship between father and son might be destroyed. It makes me drunk, too. Ask yourself, no matter how much benefit there is in front of me, at least as a father, I will not think of or use this method to let my son sue his mother to achieve his goal. I have my bottom line, something to do, something not to do.

3u3001 If this strategy is not successful, then in the process of divorce proceedings, we will continue to entangle in various ways and continue to play the image of forbearance, gentleness, intellectuality and victimization in front of the public. However, Yu Yus application for habeas corpus was a self humiliating attempt, which was rejected by the court twice. Fortunately, at the same time, she has also successfully exposed her more real side to everyone.

4u3001 In order to constantly strengthen the image and effect of victims, Yu Yu will not miss any opportunity to create public opinion and attack my establishment from all kinds of reasons and angles, even at the risk of catching the shadow. The purpose is to reflect that I am the fault party, so as to win the sympathy of the court and the public opinion, so as to obtain more and greater interests than to share the common property equally.

5u3001 I am ready to fight back resolutely at any time against acts and attempts to damage my reputation.

6u3001 Yu Yu will still have some operations, both overt and covert, and will continue to use various other methods to imprison me.

7u3001 Yu Yu Hui still evaded the key facts and tried to mislead the relevant departments and the public to come to the impression that I gathered and disturbed the production and operation activities of enterprises. However, as an executive director, Yu Yu, together with the supervisors, refused my proposal to hold a shareholders meeting in writing twice in a row. As a shareholder, I exercised the right to hold a shareholders meeting on my own as provided by the articles of association and the company law. And thats what happened next. If you are not convinced, you can go straight to the civil procedure.

8u3001 Thats why Yu Yu Yu, up to now, has rather suffered from a lot of pains and injuries than have the courage and courage to face up to a few simple factual questions I have raised. At the same time, she has told everyone with her tacit behavior. She is extremely guilty. She does not dare to refute the things I have proposed, and of course, she dare not throw the pot to the police. After the mushroom tactics failed, they sacrificed ostrich tactics, and Wang Gu talked about him. Dare to do but not dare to, also in vain you in Dangdang.

10u3001 As a digression, it is said that Yu Yu has a record of not paying the lawyers fees, and kindly reminds relevant professionals to take good care of themselves.

11u3001 In fact, it is better to accept the fact that the marriage is broken up and the common property is shared equally, rather than waste the effort and recruit repeatedly.

12u3001 If Yu Yu and others touch the bottom line of the rules, there will be a day when Yu Yu and other people touch the bottom line of the rules, and there will be a day when they are not prepared.

Cut off the water, the water flows more, raise the glass to relieve the worry, worry more, the edge to edge will eventually disperse, flowers bloom and flower failure always return to dust.. Instead of being filled with resentment and resentment every day, thinking about the end of the net, its better to keep in mind the good things in the past that are worth remembering, one farewell, two leniency, each life is happy, so as to make the rest of your life more wonderful and substantial. Is there anything more valuable than this?

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