Recitation: meet and miss, are a kind of fate!

 Recitation: meet and miss, are a kind of fate!

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Meeting is the origin, arranged by God,

Miss is fate, destiny.

When we meet and miss, we cant escape,

Everyone has its origin and death.

Every encounter has a destiny,

Thats the result of previous generations mutual debt.

Every time I miss, Im happy,

Even if you wipe your shoulders,

If you dont have a chance, youll meet them,

With or without fate,

Dont complain.

Remember to be grateful.

Sometimes, no one can seize it.

Thank you for meeting,

Let your life more memories.

Thank you for missing,

Let you learn to cherish this life.

Dont bet on fate, dont blame fate,

God wants you to win,

You cant keep fate.

People cant fight for heaven, and they cant keep fate,

Everything follows the fate and the will of God.

You have to believe it,

Not every encounter can be accompanied by a lifetime,

Not every miss will regret life.

What belongs to you is always there,

Its not yours. Leave sooner or later.

It is a kind of self-cultivation,

To lose indifference is a kind of mind.

People should learn to be indifferent, but also to put it down,

Not all persistence is right,

You try to keep the people you miss,

Youre chasing the lost love,

At the end of the day, youll find out,

People are no longer what they were,

Love is no longer the feeling of that year,

Everything you do is meaningless.

Meet and miss,

Its all destined to be good.

When you meet them, cherish them,

If you miss it, let it go.

These are just small episodes in your life,

Let it be,

Dont be unwilling to continue to do wrong,

Dont lose it again because of obsession.

In this world, everything goes with fate,

Cherish your heart,

Fate, grateful.

Meeting and missing are both fate,

What is destined is right,

God arranged, is the best!

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