A festival dedicated to ranxingren

 A festival dedicated to ranxingren

Frog star peoples exclusive Festival: ranlaida brand day

As we all know, every special group has its own special festivals: Nurses day, soldiers day and even shopping day.

Therefore, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary, ranlaida officially set up for all the fans of ranlaida: from this year on, August 8 of each year, as the brand day of ranlaida, will become the exclusive festival of ranlaida fans!

Through the establishment of the brand day, let every fan feel the glory and pride of being a frog star person, let the fans further communicate with the brand, and make ranlaida really become the brand of young people eating frog powder.

For the first time this years brand day of ranlaida, ranlaida has made comprehensive innovation, and has cooperated with millions of fans through wechat, microblog, xiaohongshu and other channels. After the launch, WeChats official account was more than 100 messages, and enthusiastic fans launched a point praise contest spontaneously.

Tonight, the frog star sleepless, young infinite

On the day of brand day, frog powder from all over the country was gathered. They were holding fluorescent sticks with red and blue bracelets on their wrists, and in everyones pocket, they carried a frogs medal!

It seems that this is no longer a simple Fan Party, more like a group of fashionable food gathering!

Before the design of the fantastic bar counter, the lovely little sister put on all kinds of shapes; beside the egg twisting machine, the handsome little brother won several winning numbers in one breath; the most outstanding one was the waiter with a little shy frog coming to perform the frog star dance step, and the music just started to arouse the crowd to scream

With the rhythm of DJ, the fans on the spot are twisting their bodies in order, just like they should be young; in front of the bar, the bartender instantly concocted a delicious and refreshing cocktail, and the younger brother and sister held up the wine cup, and came to a sweet self portrait; the magician took a bunch of roses from the cuff in a moment at a distance of less than one meter

Online, the little friends who failed to arrive at the scene also shared their interesting stories in the restaurant of ranlaida. The circle of friends, microblogs and little red books were filled with discussions and blessings from frog fans.

Since it is the festival of frog star people, it is to pet powder in the end!

Luo Qing, the co-founder of ranlaida, said: I hope every customer can leave a memory after eating. Not only do we memorize the flavor, but also have a good and interesting meal. We hope that lalaida is not only a food position for the youth trend, but also can bring happiness, youth and happiness to customers. In lalaida, we are going to carry out the pet powder to the end!

Among the millions of fans in the country, ranlaida invited the most representative fans to come to the scene and made careful preparations for them.

In the brand day scene, everywhere is the fan representative dazzle cool portrait poster, in the dazzle cool traffic light illumination, more dreamy

In addition, ranlaida also presented the innovative frog eating lifelong achievement award for loyal fans. The huge medal was very funny. Fans said that it was the first time that they felt that love eating frogs was such a sense of achievement!

On that night, while celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand, lalaida also launched the 2020 new product package portfolio, and invited guests to participate in the new product tasting. This is another popular dish, tomato flavor frog pot, launched by ranlaida after the original 12 flavor frog pot. It is also the first time for the new product to be publicly tasted. After tasting, the guests at the scene were full of praise!

Ten years ago, ranlaida first created 12 flavor frog pot and created bullfrog food category. With its unique memory taste and highly standardized operation concept, ranlaida has always been the first brand of bullfrog category for many years, and has thousands of loyal frog powder! You can eat frog if you eat frog. Now ranlaida has become a symbol of the food industry and the favorite food culture of contemporary young people. At present, with more than 200 stores in more than 80 cities in China, it has become the most popular fashion food brand for young people! In the future, better delicious food will be passed on to more people. For the catering industry, more responsible brands like ranlaida are needed to truly hold users in hand and shoulder the industry mission, Jointly promote the spread and development of Chinese food culture! Source: public news editor: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

For the catering industry, more responsible brands like ranlaida need to come forward, truly hold users in the hand, carry the industry mission on their shoulders, and jointly promote the spread and development of Chinese food culture!