Profiteering and blood loss: hot money

 Profiteering and blood loss: hot money

The prevalence of ultra short, board learning as the core

In recent years, the ultra short term strategy is becoming more and more popular.

At the beginning of the stock market, he studied the fundamentals of the company according to the value investment model, and tried to choose a good company to buy and hold, but after more than three years, he found that the market didnt seem to recognize it.

As a result, we often watch the stock prices of some companies with little performance soar to the sky. However, the shares of good companies that we have chosen with painstaking efforts are either lying still, or going up and down and returning to the origin.

As far as I am concerned, whats the use of catching a 10-year 10-fold Bull Stock? After 95 investor small suns a word has spoken many new generation investors heartfelt.

In contrast, short-term investment can continuously use the funds in their hands, so that investors have more opportunities to obtain higher returns in the same time cycle.

Asking, a well-known hot money, once sent an article in the Taobao bar, pointing out that if the small capital wants to grow rapidly, it must be ultra short-term. Only the ultra short-term can achieve more than 10 times a year, so as to dig the first pot of gold as quickly as possible!

In recent years, a large number of myths of hot money, including Xinyi, are widely known through the Internet. Among all kinds of short-term investment strategies, board learning is highly praised.

Wang Ming, an individual investor, decided to take part in the game of board learning after learning about the amazing achievements of these predecessors.

The so-called board learning is deeply rooted in the trading board system with A-share characteristics.

When the stock price of a strong stock reaches the limit price of the day, the rising trend stops passively and abruptly, and the markets enthusiasm for going long can not be timely reflected on the individual stock price.

If individual stocks continue to rise and limit the next day, the funds that intervene first can make more than 10% in one or two trading days. It is obviously unimaginable for traditional value investors to accumulate wealth at such a speed.

According to the summary of netizens, the well-known hot money linghuchong once said that in essence, it doesnt matter if the trading limit is not limited. As long as you can correctly judge the continuity, the limit board is an obvious place to gather peoples popularity.

However, as the pronoun of profiteering, Banxue is also the pronoun of blood loss.

Wang Ming said that Banxue is a game of beating drums and spreading flowers. Generally speaking, it will go through several stages. First, the funds will be ignited first, then the funds will be hot. Then, the retail investors will be excited to receive the funds. Finally, the interests will be redistributed and the transfer from the majority of retail investors to the few reapers will be realized.

In other words, the majority of investors will lose as much as they earn.

In the way of speculation based on the price limit board, the short-term rise and fall of stock price has often been separated from the influence of individual stock fundamentals. Once the short-term rise of individual stock is ended, it will often be large-scale, or even sky floor. Investors will lose more than ten or twenty points in a day.

Xiaojun, who was involved in Guolin Technology (300786. SZ) on May 28, was deeply touched by this. On the same day, Guolin technologys stock price quickly rose to the limit two minutes after the opening of the trading, and then quickly fell, and finally closed with the limit price. In the early trading, Xiaojun, who bought in the morning high, lost more than ten points on the same day, and then met with low opening the next day, but he had no choice but to cut meat and leave the market.

Mr. Zhang, who specializes in hot money in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, told the interface news reporter that many investors have studied board learning for several years, but they often cant understand the real and cruel market.

The cycle of market sentiment

In an article published by the Taobao bar, stock speculators once pointed out that the core idea of my theoretical system is based on the speculation of market sentiment, and then judge the comparison of risk and return, and guide the actual operation, so it is temporarily called mental method. Those who win the hearts of retail investors will win the world. Where the popularity is, where the bull stocks are. Bull stocks, not funds piled up, is the product of emotion and popularity.

Askings quotation also mentioned that stock selection should be based on the popularity of joint stock.

Generally speaking, market sentiment is affected by many factors, and it always changes between optimism and pessimism in different degrees, and it will be reflected by the market in real time.

The most obvious thing is that when the number of limit stocks and even board stocks in the market is very small, and there is no hot spot, well-known hot money is rarely sold, and most investors are holding money to wait and see, it often means that the market sentiment has reached the freezing point.

For example, on July 16, 186 stocks in the two cities had a collective limit of decline, while only 31 stocks were trading. The height board on that day was also compressed to 4 boards, with obvious freezing point characteristics.

Wang Ming, a new player in the game, tells the reporters about his experience. When the market freezes, it also provides sufficient financial preparation for the emergence of a new emotional cycle.

Once the time is ripe, the market will enter the stage of divergence, and some of the initial funds start to try to excavate low theme stocks as the first board. Under the constant trial and error of all kinds of first-hand funds, the number of market rises and stops will gradually increase, and some even board stocks begin to appear, some of which show the sign of leading.

According to Wang Mings experience, only when the market sentiment reaches the freezing point can they be most likely to eat big meat.

As the market has come out of a number of third board and above stocks, even board trading stocks continue to increase, short position funds also continue to join the battle.. Some sectors out of the leading stocks led to plate effect, resulting in investors expectations turning to the same, the market making effect appeared. After that, more short-term funds have been activated to promote the overall climax of short-term hot spots.

This stage is usually the most exciting time for retail investors. Xiao Jun, Xiao Sun, etc. all said that although they had experienced many failures in chasing high prices, they still couldnt help killing themselves when the market was full of trading limits.

The reason why many investors are mercilessly reaped is that they fail to accurately grasp the changes of market sentiment.

It is pointed out in the mental method of stock market support that many people often want to be eager to pull back because of the loss of money, and repeatedly fight against risks, but when the opportunity comes, they are numb to their own stocks.

For example, when the number of limit board in the market drops rapidly and the number of limit board increases, especially when the leading stocks collectively kill the limit, it indicates that the short-term capital inflow intention of the market drops and the market sentiment drops;

If the leading stocks can continuously connect the board and break through the new high, it shows that the short-term popularity of the market is relatively strong, and the individual stocks in the back row are also expected to continue to rise. The stagnant rise of leading stocks is the performance of the market recession.

When the number of even board stocks in the market drops sharply, it means that the market sentiment is also decreasing. Then the leading stocks begin to ebb. When the number of Lianban stocks hovers at a low level for a period of time, a new cycle will start.

Unique hot money ecosystem

The hot money that can eventually grow up in the market is almost inseparable from the accurate grasp of the market sentiment cycle, and their magic weapon has both similarities and characteristics.

A short-term big bull stocks come out is often the result of different styles of hot money relay, such as the early headlines concept leader Caesar culture (002425. SZ).

Fang Xinxia, Huzhou labor Road, Zhang Mengzhu, Sunan Gang, etc. were involved in the early stage, while the high-level relay included CAITONG Hangzhou Jiefang East Road, Xinyi, stock speculator, Guotai Junan Shanghai branch and Ningbo Sangtian road.

The operation of these hot money itself is based on the control of market sentiment, and its behavior will in turn become an indicator of market sentiment change.

As for the selection of themes, the well-known hot money sunflower encyclopedia points out that the theme needs to be new and big, which requires off-site efforts and the first time grasp of the capital wind direction in the field.

Brother Zhao also said that there are new themes and firmly abandon the old ones. Only with new themes can we gather the sharpest and sharpest funds in the market. The unit of this fund is 100 million yuan. Wherever we go, there are limits. As long as you can keep up with this capital, it is difficult to make money.

There are not many stocks that can realize the triple board. Basically, it has been recognized as the leader of the board. This is also the reason why many big funds are willing to choose to start relay after the third board.

Of course, the pursuit of high can not be blind, Wang Ming said, from the perspective of board learning, what needs to be considered is whether or not anyone is willing to continue to take orders after buying. If the overall market turnover is low and the funds are generally in a state of waiting-and-see, there will be a lack of rivals. At this point, it is easy to eat big noodles.

Therefore, it seems unreasonable to blame the failure of chasing the board on the high. The important thing is to grasp the market sentiment.

Generally speaking, board learning is not only a channel to obtain huge profits, but also a harvester for retail investors. The key to winning in this battle is to grasp the market sentiment. As for how to grasp the market sentiment, it seems that what is needed is not just efforts.

At present, in the world of Banxue, some of them have become famous, some have gradually figured out the direction to move forward, some have chosen to give up, and more are still struggling in the entry stage.

Xiao Jun said that he would continue to study and study board learning as usual; Xiao Sun recently bought a half year course and planned to follow the teacher to learn board learning.

(Xiao Jun, Wang Ming, Jiang Qisi and Xiao Sun are pseudonyms)

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