Male god fat ball! Lu Yis body is full of flesh and fat and cant hide

 Male god fat ball! Lu Yis body is full of flesh and fat and cant hide

Lu Yi, now 44 years old, has long been the father of two children, but the maintenance of the whole persons appearance is very successful. Every time he appears, he still feels like a God. But not long ago, several recent photos of Lu Yi were exposed, but many people didnt recognize it.

Lu Yi in the recent photo makes people cant bear to look directly. Because of the change of his face shape, Lu Yis previous obvious neck lines have been completely disappeared, and his shoulders have become more and more heavy. This also makes Lu Yis good temperament disappear completely. Such a change is also too big, but it is estimated that it is related to his role this time.

Lu Yis most successful work in recent years is the name of the people. Among the many old actors, Lu Yis acting skills are slightly green, but he has contributed a lot of highlights to the whole play. In the play, Lu Yi is still known as cool and handsome. Simple clothes can also wear a high-level sense of a model. With excellent body lines, Lu Yi plays a role More colors, more charm.

In recent years, although Lu Yis performance in the film and television is not outstanding, but he has returned to the family with the title of a good father. Every time he publishes a photo on his social platform, his daughter and wife appear. In the photo, Lu Yi does not look fat, on the contrary, he looks thinner. His casual dress not only makes his back look much younger, The slender and slender legs make us envy.

Lu Yis family is also an excellent gene to be envied. His wife was born as an actor, so her appearance is not bad, and her figure is even better. Her slender legs make many girls envy her. Such excellent genes have been well inherited by the two daughters. Therefore, every time a family appears, it is full of long legs.

The poster shot by Lu Yis family was exposed earlier, which made everyone envious. Now the two daughters have grown up to be big girls. Wearing floral clothes makes the whole person more delicate and mature. Lu Yis simple casual dress and high-level color matching make her feel more elegant. Bao Lei, who stands at the back, can be said to be the highlight of this picture, with less body The white dress of female style makes her feel a little more girly, but her long legs are even more exaggerated than many first-line female stars.

While standing together, the two daughters are obviously more like their mother, Bao Lei. No matter in appearance or figure, especially the elder sister, her long legs are not bad at all compared with her mother. With her playful dress up and gorgeous color matching, she also has a sense of sight when she is 18 years old. Standing by her mothers side, her shy smile makes her more beautiful Sister, because she is still young, the whole person is still relatively shy, but her facial features and body ratio are much better than those of the same age. She must be as good as her sister in the future.

Lu Yis family, no matter in appearance or in figure, can be regarded as the top class, which also makes the four members of the family appear together each time and become the highlight of the audience. However, Lu Yi is a lot fatter this time, which also makes him and the family with high appearance are out of place.

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