Dont repeat the mistakes of Lebanon, there is still an irregular bomb floating on the Red Sea

 Dont repeat the mistakes of Lebanon, there is still an irregular bomb floating on the Red Sea

Ian larby, CEO of I.R. Consilium, a maritime safety consulting firm, pointed out that before the explosion in Beirut, the risk of those ammonium nitrate was an abstract concept, just like the fsosafer on the Red Sea.

Since the conflict in Yemen escalated in 2015, the fsosafer tanker has been abandoned in the red sea with 1.1 million barrels of crude oil. Experts warned that the oil has been put on the tanker for several years without ventilation equipment, and there is a great risk of explosion. At the same time, oil tankers are deteriorating at sea, and the sea water has penetrated. Once the tanker leaks, it can release 4 times the amount of oil leaked from the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker accident. This will kill life in the sea, destroy key shipping lanes in the Red Sea and destroy regional economies. In addition, more than five years of war has put the lives of the Yemeni people on the line, while the new epidemic makes humanitarian relief more difficult.

On August 6, Yemeni information minister Moammar al eryani told Yemeni media that the big explosion in Beirut port and the heavy casualties caused by it have caused disastrous damage to the economy and environment of Lebanon, which once again reminds us of the bomb in the countdown of fsosafer Al eryani warned that if the safer sank or exploded, it would lead to a human, economic and environmental disaster..

Experts repeatedly sounded the alarm to remind this preventable disaster, but it has not played a practical role.

Over the years, the United Nations has been trying to conduct a technical assessment of the condition of oil tankers and carry out minor repairs. This is the first step that must be taken to unload the crude oil on the tanker and to tow the tanker to a safe place for inspection and disassembly. But the tanker is located about 37 miles northwest of the Yemeni port city of hoaida, near the waters controlled by the hussei armed forces in northern Yemen.

Griffith said the tanker, which was acquired by Husser in March 2015, is in danger of hull rupture or oil vapor explosion due to lack of maintenance, which may leak about 1.1 million barrels of crude oil.

Dangerous oil tankers become a negotiating tool

The husai armed forces put the lives and livelihoods of 30 million people at risk only for their own strategic, military and political purposes. Gary Simpson, deputy director of crisis and conflict at human rights watch, a non-governmental international organization, criticized that this tanker is their negotiating tool for strategic purposes.

Ameenal Sharafi, a spokesman for the oil ministry controlled by Husseins armed forces, denied the charges and accused the United Nations of delaying its assessment of the tankers condition. For our part, we have not prevented the repair and maintenance of any damage to the tanker, Amin said

Potentially catastrophic consequences

In May, a leak on the tanker caused sea water to fill the engine room. As rockock said, this has brought us closer than ever to an environmental disaster..

If the situation gets out of control, it will directly affect millions or even tens of millions of people. Inger Anderson, executive director of the United Nations Environment Project, also pointed out that this will destroy the entire ecosystem, affect for decades, and its impact is beyond the national boundaries.

A U.N. study found that an oil spill would damage Yemens Red Sea coastal fisheries, cause soaring fuel and food prices, cause crop losses, and contaminate thousands of wells. This will have devastating consequences for the ecosystem of the Red Sea, killing thousands of marine mammals, turtles and seabirds, and destroying the original coral reefs. And in this dark picture, there is that bright red dot.

If we act quickly, this disaster can be completely prevented. Anderson stressed.

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